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Academic and administrative building administrators report directly to the dean who is responsible for the supervision of the building and its use. It is the responsibility of the dean to assure, through the building administrators, that the College facilities are used only for appropriate purposes and to devise an effective system for accomplishment.

Residence facilities administrators report directly to the vice president for student affairs, who should devise appropriate measures for assuring proper use and security for those buildings. Building administrators for the fall semester are:

Bowers Hall — John Sternfeld

Brauer Education Center — Jack Sheltmire

Brockway Hall — Ray Franco

Chemical Management Facility — Amy Twiss

Corey Union — Michael Whitlock

Cornish Hall — Andrea Lachance

Dowd Fine Arts Center — Charles Heasley

Education Building — Andrea Lachance

Heating Plant — William Robertson

Hoxie Gorge — Larry Klotz

Lusk Field House — Jesse Adams

Main Street SUNY Cortland — Adam Megivern

McDonald Building — Regina Grantham

Memorial Library — Gail Wood

Miller Building — Mark Yacavone

Moffett Center — Bonni Hodges

Neubig Hall — Bill McNamara

Old Main — Bruce Mattingly

Outdoor Education Center — Jack Sheltmire

Park Center — Jesse Adams

Service Group/Commissary — Tim Slack

Sperry Center — George VerDow

Stadium Complex — Jesse Adams

Studio West — Jeffrey Lallas

Van Hoesen Hall — Andrea Lachance

Winchell Hall — Lisa Kahle

Residence Halls

Alger Hall — Charee Grover

Bishop Hall — Heidi Morton

Casey Tower — Sarah Unruh

Cheney Hall — Sean Sherwood

Clark Hall — Amanda Anderson

DeGroat Hall — Robyn McMicken

Fitzgerald Hall — Jesse Kimmerle

Glass Tower — Kevin Brenzel

Hayes Hall — Owen Conklin

Hendrick Hall — Evan Bigam

Higgins Hall — Cheri Skipworth

Randall Hall — Janelle McAllister

Shea Hall — Steve Canals

Smith Tower — Sarah Unruh

West Campus Apartments — Calvin Ruthven

Whitaker Hall — Amber Wade