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College’s Final Printed Directory Now Available

The SUNY Cortland 2009-2010 Faculty and Staff Directory, which was distributed on campus the week of Oct. 19, will be the College's last printed directory.

As a cost-savings measure that also helps reduce the campus' carbon footprint, the College will move to a completely Web-based directory in 2010-11. The electronic format ensures greater accuracy and allows faculty and staff information to be updated immediately. An online employee directory is currently on the Web at
Next year, campus office listings, fax numbers and meeting rooms will be available as a pdf file on the Web. Notification on how to access this document will be provided during the Fall 2010 semester.

Directories for emeritus faculty and staff who have requested a copy are in the mail. Plans are in the works to create a Web-based directory featuring emeritus employees. Further details will be announced as this project moves forward.

To obtain additional copies of the directory or to learn more about next year's directory, contact the Publications and Electronic Media Office at (607) 753-2519.

Faculty and Staff Directory Change Announced
Please add to page 24 of the 2009-2010 Faculty and Staff Directory:
Jesse Adams
Manager, Sport Facilities
Davis Building, 753-4229