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Jacqueline Dyke M ’08, Jason Page M ’12, Lynn Anderson and Susan Wilson

Jacqueline Dyke M ’08, Jason Page M ’12, Lynn Anderson and Susan Wilson, of the Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services Department, presented virtually at the 2021 American Therapeutic Recreation Association annual conference. Dyke and Wilson presented “Don't Farm It Out to Facebook: Using Your Skills to Design Interventions that Work.” Page presented with Patricia Stanko, MS TR-On ’21, “It’s a Long Road: Supervising a CTRS Candidate on the Equivalency Path to Certification.” Page also presented “The Status of Clinical Supervision in Therapeutic Recreation in 2020: A Follow Up Study” with Anderson and Melissa Zahl from the University of Utah. Additionally, Wilson presented with Jennifer Hinton from Western Carolina University, “How We Teach the Language of Disability: It’s Not All Person-First Anymore” as well as a solo and live presentation titled “Burnout and Compassion Fatigue.”