Faculty/Staff Detail

Rena Janke, Biological Sciences Department, Greg Phelan and Kerri Freese, Chemistry Department, and Dave Dickerson and Mary Gfeller, Mathematics Department, participated in a workshop on campus along with 17 Noyce scholars and 11 local teachers and administrators on March 24. Held in conjunction with the SUNY Cortland Noyce Project and sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the workshop’s goal was to support the teaching success and retention of Noyce scholars by addressing issues related to successfully teaching mathematics and science in a high-need environment. The Noyce scholars attended four break-out sessions on the following topics: the summer before your first year teaching; setting the tone for a successful class: classroom management; what to expect and how to handle situations common in high-need schools; and get a job offer you'll love – how to market yourself and find the right fit. The latter was led by Judi Riley, assistant superintendent for Pupil and Personnel Services for the Cortland City School District.