Faculty/Staff Detail

Timothy J. Baroni, distinguished professor emeritus of biological sciences, was a co-author on a peer-reviewed article published in Fungal Systematics and Evolution titled “Phylloporus and Phylloboletellus are no longer alone: Phylloporopsis gen. nov. (Boletaceae), a new smooth-spored lamellate genus to accommodate the American Phylloporus boletinoides.” The work was a collaboration between researchers from Italy and the U.S., based on collections from the Dominican Republic and eastern U.S. made over the past decade. Baroni was also a co-author on a peer-reviewed article on a different group of boletes (porcini) published recently in Mycologia titled “A global view of Gyroporus (Boletaceae): molecular phylogenetics, diversity patterns, and new species.” This publication was part of the Ph.D. thesis work of Naveed Davoodian from the New York Botanical Garden and incorporated research contributions from a number of colleagues from the U.S., Australia, Thailand, Japan and Belgium. Baroni served as an advisor on Naveed’s Ph.D. committee and also contributed research collections from the Gulf Coast that were obtained on Baroni’s second sabbatical leave in the 1990’s.