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Faculty/Staff Detail

Katie Silvestri, Literacy Department, was recently elected for a two-year appointment as secretary for the Special Interest Group (SIG) Semiotics in Education: Signs, Meaning, and Multimodality, a SIG within the American Education Research Association (AERA). This SIG provides a forum for teacher educators and literacy researchers to discuss signs, meanings and meaning making processes that people use in the context of teaching and learning from a multimodal standpoint. As secretary, Silvestri will maintain the SIG website and listserv as well as spearhead initiatives to foster conversations about and collaborations in scholarly work across the SIG's membership, as detailed on Featured Member Scholarship. She served in this position as interim secretary during a restructuring of the SIG for the past nine months and will now serve as secretary for the 2020-22 term. To learn more about Silvestri’s work as secretary or about social semiotics and multimodality, visit the Semiotics in Education SIG website.