Faculty/Staff Detail

Gregory D. Phelan, Chemistry Department, and Kerri Freese, Noyce Program coordinator, along with co-professional investigators from Drexel University and University of Massachusetts, Boston, (UMass Boston) planned and executed the Second Annual Noyce Northeast Conference in Cambridge, Mass. Highlights of the two-day conference included 15 breakout sessions and a keynote from the 2012 MacArthur Fellows or Genius Grant recipient and Harvard University economist Raj Chetty. Other keynote speakers included physics professor Arthur Eisenkraft, UMass Boston; author Penny Noyce, daughter of Robert Noyce, the microchip inventor and founder of Intel; and chemistry teacher Rebecca Grella, who inspired homeless student Samantha Garvey to conduct research that led her to the Intel national science fair. A National Science Foundation grant written by Phelan, Sheila Vaidya of Drexel University and Lisa Gonsalves of UMass Boston funded the conference and participants’ attendance.