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Faculty/Staff Detail

John Hartsock, Communication Studies Department, gave a talk at the American University of Paris on Oct. 18 on the topic of “The Relevance of Literary Journalism in the Age of Globalization.” It was one of two talks he gave in Paris in addition to his serving as a visiting professor at Paris Université from Sept. 27-Oct. 22. His talk at the American University of Paris was sponsored by the departments of English, Communications and Comparative Literature, and explored why the aesthetic implications of literary journalism serve as an important vehicle for explaining our globalized world. On Oct. 16, Hartsock also gave a talk at the Institute for Anglophone, Romance and German Worlds at Paris Université on the subject of “American Literary Journalism and the Exploration of the Cultural Other,” examining how literary journalism resisted the elitist literary and journalistic paradigms that came to dominate the academy for much of the 20th century to the exclusion of the cultural other. As a visiting professor during this period, Hartsock taught a graduate course at Paris Université on the subject of “The Aesthetics of Cultural Experience in American Literary Journalism.” Hartsock has published widely on the subject of literary journalism, and is the editor of Literary Journalism Studies, the official peer-reviewed journal of the International Association for Literary Journalism Studies.