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Jeremy Pekarek

Jeremy Pekarek, Library, co-presented at the New York Archives Conference held June 5 to 7 in Rochester, N.Y. The presentation was titled “Portals to Public Access: Increasing Visibility of Archival Collections Via Digitization, Metadata, and Finding Aids” and was co-presented with Barbara Scheibel from Onondaga Community College and Kathryn Johns-Masten from SUNY Oswego.

Also, Pekarek co-presented twice at the 2019 State University of New York Librarian Association (SUNYLA) Conference held June 12 to 14 at Onondaga Community College. The first co-presentation was titled “On Board the Mentorship: Sailing the Sea of Change with Tenure Track Librarians” and was co-presented with SUNY Cortland Library staff members Lisa Czirr, Maaike Oldemans, Janet Ochs, Richard Powell, Jennifer Moore, Jen Parker and Hilary Wong. The second co-presentation was titled “Zombie Escape: Gamifying Library Instruction with Active Learning Activities” and was co-presented with SUNY Cortland Library staff members Annette Ernste and Jen Phelan.