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Faculty/Staff Detail

Melissa A. Morris, Physics Department, had two postdoctoral researchers visit SUNY Cortland for 10 days in late May to work on her NASA project, “The Formation Environment of Chondrules in Planetesimal Impact Plumes.” They were visiting from University of Oxford and Montreal, Canada.

Also, Morris served on a NASA review panel in early June.

In late June, Morris and Anthony Terzolo, her undergraduate student research assistant, presented posters at the Gordon Research Conference on the Origin of Solar Systems. Morris and Terzolo presented “The Indirect Detection of Liquid Water in Extrasolar Protoplanetary Disks,” and Morris and four coauthors presented “Modeling Collisional Ejecta in 3-D with Adaptive Mesh Refinement.” The conference was at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass.