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Cortland Fund Plans 24-Hour Fundraising Marathon

Cortland Fund Plans 24-Hour Fundraising Marathon


It’s a countdown.

It’s a date.

Above all it’s an opportunity to put SUNY Cortland’s legendary competitive spirit to work in support of the College’s unique educational experience.

On Tuesday, March 21 (3/21), SUNY Cortland and the Cortland Fund will host the 321 Champions Challenge, a 24-Hour fundraising initiative to raise money for scholarships, academic initiatives and program support.

If at least 321 people make a contribution of any size that day to the Cortland Fund, some generous Cortland supporters have pledged to provide a $10,000 matching gift. Additional matching gifts of $10,000 and $12,100 have been pledged for reaching  500 and 650 donors.

Although SUNY Cortland is a state-funded institution, less than 25 percent of its operating budget comes from New York state government. To help fill the gap, the Cortland Fund works to raise money through donations that support and enrich the Red Dragon educational experience.

“The Cortland Fund touches every area of campus, from more than 865 scholarship recipients to faculty and staff who receive funding for classroom innovations and undergraduate research opportunities.” Said Erin Boylan, Interim Director of The Cortland Fund. “I am so grateful we have amazing alumni who are willing to step forward and draw attention to the importance of giving at SUNY Cortland by providing generous match gifts for the 321 Champions Challenge.”

Last year’s fundraising challenge raised $114,226 from 687 unique donors over its 24-hour period.

Every donation counts towards the matching goals so anyone can donate. There is no requirement for a donation other than it has to be made between midnight and 11:59 p.m. on March 21.

Donations can be made online at on the day of the event. Gifts to the Cortland College Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible. Charitable gifts can be designed to maximize the donor’s tax status while providing support to SUNY Cortland.

For more information on the 321 Champions Challenge contact Boylan or call 607-753-5578.

Prepared by Communications Office writing intern Charlie Beeler