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SUNY Cortland Offers Campus Crunch Day


With 25 different varieties of apples grown locally, New York state and the SUNY Cortland campus want to celebrate with several fun, free events!

On Tuesday, Oct. 24 the state will hold its annual Campus Crunch Day. At the College that day, the campus dining operator SUNY Cortland Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) will support local apple farmers by holding events in its dining and retail facilities with help from ASC’s main vendor Maines Food Distributions.

ASC will give out free apples, cider and apple crisp to the campus community from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Newmark Pavilion (in front of the library). The campus mascot, Blaze, will be there in support of Campus Crunch Day.

The ASC also will promote eating healthy in general as well as all the health benefits apples have to offer. ASC nutritionist Andrea Hart will be present at Newmark Pavilion to answer questions anyone may have about eating healthy.

Food choices at the different eateries will include caramel apples, sautéed apples, apple stuffing and many more options.ASC_bistro_salad_bar_WEB

“We should eat more locally grown apples because it helps promote sustainability and supports the local economy and farmers,” said ASC Director of Food Services Theresa Baker. “There is so much you can do with apples and people are not aware of it.”

The day’s main purpose is to celebrate New York state farming and agriculture and highlight New York’s position as the second largest state for apple production in the country, with 29.5 million apples grown yearly.

ASC encourages everyone to participate in Campus Crunch Day and post a picture on social media of themselves crunching an apple at noon with the hashtags #NYCampusCrunch and #cortlandasc.

For more information, contact Baker or call 607-753-2424.

Prepared by Communications Office writing intern Navita Ramprasad