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College Seeks Efficiency Ideas


Frustrated by workplace inefficiencies that seem to waste time or money?

Inspired with an idea to improve how things but aren’t sure who to tell?

Share your thoughts through SUNY Cortland’s interactive efficiency survey.  All members of the College community are encouraged to visit the site and submit ideas for making the college more efficient and sustainable.

To participate, simply go to

In addition to anonymously posting your own thoughts, the site allows you to vote for or against the ideas of coworkers, students and other participants.  To date, more than 131 efficiency ideas have been posted.

The effort began during the Fall 2015 semester when Vice President for Finance and Management David Duryea assembled an Efficiencies Advisory Committee composed of faculty, staff, and administrators across many different departments. He charged the committee with surveying the college community for their ideas about reducing costs, streamlining processes, and eliminating waste. The committee, chaired by Kathleen Lawrence, an associate professor in communication studies, posted the survey on March 28. Submissions will be accepted through Monday, April 18.

To ensure transparency and encourage engagement through voting, all submissions are publicly posted. The committee hopes to hear from students, alumni, faculty, staff and and local residents.

After the survey period is over, the committee will sort through the submissions and comments, classifying them into meaningful groups and themes. They will then be passed along to the President's Cabinet.

To participate in the survey, just go to