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Dragon Tracker Means Year-round Fun

Dragon Tracker Means Year-round Fun


Blaze, SUNY Cortland’s favorite red dragon, bowed out Monday to a formidable opponent in the final four of Mascot Madness, the online voting competition to determine the SUNY system’s top mascot.

But his fun isn’t over just yet.

In fact, it’s only begun.

That’s because supporters of the College — everyone from students to alumni to employees to parents — can help SUNY Cortland’s thrill-seeking mascot travel the world year-round as part of the new Dragon Tracker project.

The goal is to collect hundreds of photos of Blaze with something interesting in the background. The Eiffel Tower. Mount Rushmore. A newborn baby. Even a neighbor’s Yorkshire terrier. You can even use Adobe Photoshop to insert Blaze into truly exotic locations, like the surface of Mars or a scene from “Casablanca.”  If you find it interesting, chances are other Red Dragons will too.

Simply download and print one of the Blaze images on the Dragon Tracker page, cut along the dotted line, then bring the flat dragon to be photographed the next time something fun comes up. Or, if you want to take a shortcut, use a toy Blaze or some other image of a Cortland-looking red dragon.

Photos can be shared with SUNY Cortland on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or emailed to the College with a quick description of what’s in the photo or where it was taken.

Once a healthy-sized sampling is collected, a special album will be published on the College’s main Facebook page chronicling the many adventures of Blaze.