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Gratitude tree placed in Memorial Library

Gratitude tree placed in Memorial Library


Memorial Library is continuing its efforts to showcase campus voices in unique ways. A new “Gratitude Tree” has been installed in the main lobby that will build on the reflections left by students, faculty and staff through the graffiti board project this past spring.

Kara Wolanin hangs a leaf on the gratitude tree
Kara Wolanin, a junior conservation biology major from Oriskany, N.Y., hangs a leaf on the tree.

The gratitude tree provides an opportunity for positive self-reflection. Members of the campus community will be able to add their reflections of thanks to the tree by adding one leaf at a time.

“I am excited to see the tree fill with positivity as we progress through the semester,” said Jeremy Pekarek, archivist and instructional services librarian, who physically constructed the tree out of recyclable products.

Right now, the tree is empty, bare of leaves. Memorial Library invites campus participants to add to it by writing their reflections on something they are grateful for on the pre-cut leaves that are on the table next to the tree. This could be your parents, your roommate, your health, a scholarship or anything else. By the end of the semester, hopefully the tree will be full, exhibiting our collective gratitude during a time that affects us all.

“We recognize that these are unusual and difficult times, so we wanted to provide an outlet for our community to reflect on something positive and that they are thankful for,” said Director of Libraries Jennifer Kronenbitter. “The tree is a classic symbol for growth, togetherness and education. Showing gratitude is known to increase well-being and decrease stress. It is our hope that as the tree continues to grow, it is representative of how we are Red Dragon Strong.”