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Non-Traditional Students Inducted into Honorary


Twenty-four non-traditional/adult students at SUNY Cortland have been elected to membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda, an international honor society honoring the academic achievement of undergraduate students over the age of 24. 

The SUNY Cortland chapter, Lambda Omicron, has elected members to the honor society. The induction ceremony and dinner, which celebrated its 20th year at SUNY Cortland, was held on April 23 in Brockway Hall Jacobus Lounge. 

SUNY Cortland has inducted 645 student members over the past 20 years.

Alpha Sigma Lambda national standards indicate that students elected to membership are in the top 20 percent of all students at SUNY Cortland age 24 or older who have completed 24 credits of work at the College with a grade point average of 3.2 or better.  For the inductees to be in the top 20 percent of students at SUNY Cortland this year, they needed to have a grade point average of 3.62 or higher. The GPA range for this group of students inducted was 3.62 to 4.14.

Cheryl Hines, chapter councilor and coordinator of student outreach and non-traditional student support, advisement and transition, hosted the induction ceremony and dinner. President Erik J. Bitterbaum offered welcoming remarks to the new members.  Associate Professor of Psychology Joshua Peck was the faculty guest speaker. He shared some of his own experiences as an adult student as well as stories of adult students he has worked with and mentored at SUNY Cortland.

Sara Sampson, a senior dual major student majoring professional writing and political science and member of Alpha Sigma Lambda explained the ideals of the honor society. 

Peter “Kobe” Sarkodie was presented a military medallion by President Bitterbaum to recognize his service in the U.S. Army.

Students who have been elected to membership are:

Nicolette Marie Adams                         

Janiellee Alvarez                      

Alexandra Brown                    

Brionna Cicak                                             

Kathleen Collins                     

Maura Conlon                                           

Joshua Hagadorn                    

Laura Heslin                                                

Eric Kovatchitch                    

Elizabeth Lader                        

Richard Martino                      

Lauren Minholz                       

Jamie-Lee Minkley                  

Shelly Moscato                                        

Tracy Pang                                                  

Chelsea Parker                                           

Erin Reid                                     

Allison J. Rightmire                                  

Kyle Ripley                                                  

Peter “Kobe” Sarkodie                                             

Brandon Smith                        

Jessica Smith                                             

John Israel D. Ward Jr.

Bobbie Weaver   

Lori Schlicht, associate director, advisement and transition, was inducted as honorary member.

For more information about Alpha Sigma Lambda, visit www.alphasigmlambda.org.