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Speakers sought for TEDxSUNYCortland 2024


SUNY Cortland will host its second annual TEDxSUNYCortland event on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, from 6 to 8 p.m. in Old Main Brown Auditorium.  

The theme for this official TEDx event is Reclamation. We’re looking for creative ideas about how we can all reclaim hope, health and humanity.   

We encourage SUNY Cortland faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members to consider whether they have something to say about reclaiming something that’s been lost or in danger of slipping away.

Your insights, your vision, your experiences are important. Be brave and share your big idea with folks from throughout Central New York — and beyond. 

You can apply to be a speaker using this link. It will take you to an official TEDx site where you can find the speaker application and reserve your seat for TEDxSUNYCortland. 

Last year’s inaugural campus TEDx event was a huge success, featuring 10 speakers that included three SUNY Cortland faculty members. You can view their TEDx presentations on YouTube:

Assistant sociology professor Marcus Bell

Performing Arts Lecturer Renee Heitmann

Modern Languages Lecturer Shena Driscoll Salvato

TEDx is the localized version of the globally focused TED conferences featuring talks that explore big ideas about science, culture, tech, education and creativity. TEDx presentations follow the same format and spirit. Whether it’s a research interest, an innovative program or a way of looking at things from a new perspective, SUNY Cortland’s faculty and staff offer a rich universe of possibilities.