Bulletin News

Showing our gratitude to others this Thanksgiving


Dear faculty and staff,

I sent a message to our students earlier today wishing them a safe and restful break and reflecting on the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday.

In that spirit, I also hope that all SUNY Cortland employees can share this time with their family and friends and think about all the things for which you are grateful.

Personally, I am most grateful for the opportunity to interact with so many of the wonderful people who are part of the SUNY Cortland community. Each day, I am amazed by the brilliance, the determination, the kindness and the compassion of the people of this university.

Showing our appreciation and demonstrating our gratitude is an important part of Thanksgiving. To that end, I encourage you to take part in the Red Dragon Recognition program, which offers you an opportunity to officially recognize your coworkers. A nomination form is available online at cortland.edu/recognition through Friday, Dec. 16. Recipients will receive a certificate in mid-January.

Thank you for all you do to make SUNY Cortland the thriving, welcoming and exceptional place it is today. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving.



All the best,


Erik J. Bitterbaum