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Corey Union Restaurants Recognized Nationally

Corey Union Restaurants Recognized Nationally


The three new dining facilities in Corey Union aren’t just a hit with SUNY Cortland students.

They’re winning national awards.

The National Association of College and University Food Services (NACUFS) awarded Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) a silver medal in the retail sales single/multiple/marketplace category of its Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards.

In September 2018, Union Station, Grains & Greens and Pomodori opened as part of a renovation of the lower floor of Corey Union. The restaurants offer healthy and convenient options and the upgraded space in Corey Union provides a vibrant area for students and faculty to eat, collaborate and relax.

ASC highlighted a number of the new restaurants’ features in its application. A kiosk ordering system allows students to easily submit their orders and a centralized kitchen combines food production tasks and increases staff efficiency and productivity. Digital menu signs display dietary and nutrition information.

The restaurants follow guidelines from the Partnership for a Healthier America with a focus on healthy and delicious choices. ASC also uses sustainable vendors from across New York state for ingredients such as milk, cheese, bagels and maple syrup, among others.

Modern prep areas showcase the fresh ingredients and culinary skills of ASC staff and improved cash register arrangements allow for better customer flow. Added seating near the restaurants in Corey Union has made a convenient and comfortable space for social interaction among students and faculty.

A year-long marketing initiative spearheaded by ASC staff helped inform students of the changes happening to the dining options in Corey Union before the restaurants opened in September.

Feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive, both for the quality of the food and for the service provided by ASC employees at the outlets. Over the first five months of operations, 86 percent of students rated the service as great or good.

ASC also noted its commitment to hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) practices for food safety.

NACUFS judged college eateries on five criteria: menus and meals, facility design and merchandising, marketing, nutrition and wellness and other considerations.

SUNY Cortland competed in the medium school size classification. The University of Montana won the gold medal in the retail sales single/multiple/marketplace category.