Residence Halls

On-Campus Living Options

SUNY Cortland offers a variety of on-campus living options. We are committed to providing housing options that match your lifestyle.

Apartment-Style Housing

West Campus Apartments is a community of 240 SUNY Cortland students in a 15-building complex located one mile from campus. Each building houses four separate apartments with four single bedrooms, one full and one half bathroom (accessible apartments have one large bathroom), full kitchen, and living/dining room. You have the flexibility of choosing a meal plan or cooking on your own. Bus transportation to and from campus is available.

Low-Rise Residence Halls

Bishop, Fitzgerald, Hayes, Hendrick, Randall and Shea halls have four floors with double rooms off of the corridor and a central lounge on each floor. Low-rise residence halls house freshmen, transfers and upper class students.

Quad Double-Style Halls

Dragon and Glass Tower Halls are low rises with four floors and offer air conditioning. Quad double rooms are off of the corridor and consist of two double rooms with a shared bathroom and a vestibule. Each floor has a spacious lounge with kitchen, as well as study rooms.

The Hill

Cheney and DeGroat halls are located on the upper campus and allow easy access to the academic buildings. They are low-rise residence halls that have single, double and triple rooms off of the corridor. Cheney Hall offers deluxe rooms consisting of one designed triple and one double plus a lounge, two designed triples plus lounge or two doubles plus lounge.

High-Rise Residence Halls

Alger, Casey, Clark, Higgins, Smith halls have between 8-10 floors of suites,corridor-style double and single rooms. The following residence halls have designated as upperclassmen only floors...

Residence Hall Upperclassmen Floors
Higgins 7 & 8
Clark 7 & 8

Alger, Casey and Smith are "mixed" with first year and upperclassmen students.

Please note that Alger will be offline for the Spring 2025 semester due to renovations. All residents will need to vacate at the end of Fall 2024. Further guidance regarding re-assignment for Spring 2025 will be communicated from the Residence Life and Housing Office.

Judson H. Taylor Leadership House

 Offline for the 2024-25 academic year.

The Judson H. Taylor Leadership House is a unique living opportunity for students who are involved on campus and in the larger community. Eleven single rooms are available for those who share a commitment to work together to serve others. You will share a common kitchen and lounge area and may opt out of the meal plan. You must apply to live in the Leadership House. First-semester freshmen cannot apply. Learn more about the Judson H. Taylor Leadership House.

Special Interest Housing

Special interest housing is available. You can choose to live on a 21+ (years old) apartment in West Campus Apartments (WCA), transfer floor, or in an all gender housing apartment, quad, room, or suite.

Where do I live as a freshman?

Most freshmen and freshmen transfers are assigned to our low-rise residence halls. There are also some freshmen spaces available in Casey Tower, Smith Tower, Clark, Higgins and Alger. All new freshmen are required to live four semesters or two full years on campus.

Where do I live as a transfer?

Transfer students, with the exception of freshmen transfers, are assigned throughout all of our residence halls and at West Campus Apartments. All new transfer students with sophomore or junior credit status are required to live on campus for two semesters. You may choose to live on a transfer floor or in a transfer building at West Campus Apartments.

Where do I live as a sophomore, junior or senior?

All sophomores, juniors and seniors can select their own room from rooms available during the Room Selection Process. Most spaces are available in our high rises, Casey and Smith Towers, and at West Campus Apartments. Some spaces will be available in our low rises. Housing is only guaranteed to sophomores. Juniors and seniors must pay their housing deposit and complete their Room Selection Process Form by the assigned deadline to be guaranteed a space on campus.

Living on campus is safe

  • 24/7 secure residence halls with card access
  • Programming in the hall
  • Lock changes are required for all lost keys
  • Security screens in all buildings for windows on the ground floor level
  • Health and safety checks each semester and yearly fire inspections by state fire inspectors
  • Increased safety due to restriction of items that are fire hazards
  • Fire safety equipment- sprinklers and fire alarms
  • Fire drills
  • Public access to defibrillators
  • Public access to Narcan 
  • Student staff that have nightly office coverage and perform rounds of the building
  • A professional staff member is on duty 24 hours everyday for the entire campus throughout the entire year
  • Student conduct process that holds students accountable for their actions
  • University Police officers complete rounds throughout campus and in the residence halls
  • Security cameras throughout campus including in residence halls
  • Behavioral Assessment Team that reviews concerning behavior
  • 28 emergency blue light phones throughout campus- connects directly to UPD
  • Campus Emergency Notification System- speakers on residence halls
  • SUNY Cortland Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Silent witness reporting
  • Monthly crime reports
  • Cortland pride- allegiance to each other

Room Rates and FAQs

For more information, refer to the room rates and Frequently Asked Questions.

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