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Your student just received their housing assignment and they’ve been assigned in a triple in a double room. We understand that this may initially seem overwhelming and not what you wanted for your student, especially if they have their own room at home. We want you to know that we make a concerted effort to make the experience a positive one. Read on for more information regarding tripling.

How You Can Help

Be positive about the experience
As a parent, you do not want to see your student struggle. If being assigned to a triple makes your student feel anxious, encourage them to keep an open mind about the experience and to focus on the positive aspects. The more positive you are about it, the better they will feel. SUNY Cortland is a very popular school; your student living in a triple is a reflection on how many students want to be educated here.

Be supportive
Talk to your student about what they think about living in a triple. If they are OK with the assignment, support them and avoid talking about your concerns. After all, they will be living in the room. If they express concerns to you, encourage them to talk with their roommates or see their resident assistant (RA).

Let your student make the decisions
Living in a triple is not bad. Many students decline offers to de-triple and opt to stay together. If your student is OK with their living situation or if they are OK with the furniture set up in the room, leave it at that. Transitioning into college can be difficult, so the more you support your student’s experience, the easier the transition will be for them.

Your Student’s Room

Each room will have

  • One set of bunked beds
  • One single bed
  • Two closets
  • Two desks
  • Two desk chairs
  • Three dressers

An additional desk and chair may be added if your student decides it would be necessary. We ask that you give your student time to arrive, unpack and get settled before requesting them. They may contact their residence hall director (RHD) to make the request.

Tripling Rules

To assist with the transition of living in a triple, we have set up some guidelines that your student should follow:

  • If your student has the top bunk, they will have their own closet and share a desk.
  • If your student has the bottom bunk, they will have their own desk and share a closet.
  • If your student has the single bed, they will share a desk and closet.

If your student is returning early, encourage them to speak with their roommates about the tripling rules so they can settle into the room accordingly.

As a team, your student and the roommates can make changes to the guidelines, but all must be included. We strongly encourage that the changes to the guidelines are indicated on their Roommate Agreement Form. If your student has any questions about the tripling guidelines, encourage them to talk to their RA or RHD.

Preparing to Move In

Encourage your student to pack lightly and bring only what they absolutely need for the first few weeks of school. Your student should also contact the roommates to discuss who will be responsible for bringing shared items. It would also be important to find out if the roommates will bring a computer and what kind of computer they will bring so they can plan who might want a desk. Some good items to share are:

  • Refrigerator/MicroFridge
  • Carpet
  • TV

Your student should also communicate with the roommates to find out what time everyone is planning on arriving. If your student is an athlete who is required to move in earlier than the roommates, encourage them to avoid completely unpacking before the other roommates arrive so they are able to make decisions together.

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