Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Accessible Campus Housing

If a student with a disability wishes to request accessible campus housing, please submit a New Student Accessibility Request with the Disability Resources Office located in Van Hoesen Hall, Room C-17 (607-753-2967). Any information regarding the disability will remain private. Timeliness of requests for accessible housing is appreciated; there is a June 1 deadline for submitting medical documentation to Disability Resources for the fall semester and a December 1 deadline for submitting medical documentation for the spring semester.  Housing accommodations cannot be guaranteed after these deadlines.

Students with disabilities whose paperwork has been processed through the SUNY Cortland Disability Resources Office and who have been approved to receive housing accommodations will receive those accommodations at the standard double room rate or the West Campus Apartments rate, regardless of the differential room rate of their housing assignment.  Accommodations can include wheelchair accessible single rooms with wheelchair accessible private bathrooms, wheelchair accessible rooms, air-conditioned rooms, single rooms, and rooms with private bathrooms.  These rooms are available in limited quantities.

Steps for students to request a housing accommodation

  1. Review Guidelines for Providing Disability Information and Documentation.
  2. Submit a New Student Accessibility Request with Disability Resources.
  3. Download the Accessible Campus Housing Request form in PDF or Word format. Portions are to be filled out by the student and one page by a health care provider. Once complete, submit it to the Disability Resources Office.
  4. The Director of Disability Resources will review the submitted documentation and will assess the information to determine the approval or denial using the criterion of identifying a student living with a disability per the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Director of Disability Resources will communicate a response regarding this determination to the student and will let Residence Life and Housing know whether or not the student meets the criterion.
  5. Residence Life and Housing will let the student know whether they will be assigned in a location that meets the student’s accessible campus housing request, or Residence Life and Housing will let the student know if their name is on a waiting list.  Housing assignments for new students are posted on myRedDragon on August 1.

Residence Hall Accessibility 

  • Elevators

    • Alger Hall, Cheney Hall, Clark Hall, DeGroat Hall, Dragon Hall, Fitzgerald Hall, Glass Tower Hall, Higgins Hall, and Smith and Casey Tower.
  • Accessible entrances

    • Cheney Hall, Clark Hall, DeGroat Hall, Dragon Hall, Fitzgerald Hall, Glass Tower Hall, Higgins Hall and Casey and Smith Towers.
  • Accessible bedrooms and bathrooms

    • Cheney Hall, Clark Hall, Higgins Hall, Dragon Hall Glass Tower, Fitzgerald Hall First Floor, and DeGroat Hall.
  • Accessible parking

    • Near DeGroat Hall, Dragon Hall, Glass Tower Hall, and Smith and Casey Tower.
  • Designed singles

    • In corridors and in suites in the following halls:  Alger Hall, Casey Tower, Cheney Hall, Clark Hall, DeGroat Hall, Dragon Hall, Higgins Hall, Glass Tower Hall and West Campus Apartments.
  • Apartment style

    • West Campus Apartments, building 2 has an accessible entrance and apartments (bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.)

As an institution, we are dedicated to ensuring reasonable access to our campus programs and facilities, and continuously seek to augment and improve our services. The Student Disability Resources Office has been designated as the office that coordinates services for students with documented disabilities who voluntarily self-identify to this office. 


To evaluate requests based on medical, psychological, or disability related conditions accurately and equitably, the Student Disability Resources Office will need documentation.  Documentation consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that relates the current impact of the condition to the request.  Documentation should be typed on official letterhead. This information is confidential.


It is our goal to assist students with disabilities to pursue their educational objectives. Concerns of a personal/medical nature are the primary responsibility of the student. The Disability Resources Office assists in coordinating campus and local community resources when requested. Services are coordinated to enable students to act independently in a supportive environment that promotes self-reliance.

General support services may include but are not limited to:

  • Personal and educational counseling
  • Liaison with local, state and federal support agencies
  • Pre-admission counseling
  • Classroom accommodations
  • Loan of selected equipment
  • Priority clearance of pathways during winter months
  • Emergency evacuation planning
  • Housing accommodations

Referral Services

If a student is experiencing academic difficulty and is concerned the s/he may have a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or a psychological disorder, referral services are available.

Contact Information

Disability Resources Web page