Parking for Students with Disabilities and Temporary Injuries

Students with disabilities or temporary injuries may park in ADA spots and other preferred spots on campus if they have a valid accessible parking placard or license plate issued by a government authority. The student with the accessible parking permit need not be the driver or owner of the vehicle.

  1. If you do not already have one, talk to your medical provider about how to get an ADA parking permit. One way is for you and your provider to fill out this New York State permit application form.
  2. Keep a copy of the permit application form to submit to SUNY Cortland later.
  3. Bring the form and photo ID to your local government agency in charge of providing permits. In Cortland, you may go to the City Police Department in City Hall on 25 Court Street.
  4. Ensure the vehicle you will be using has a campus parking permit from Parking Operations and Security Services.
  5. Register your ADA parking permit with Parking Operations and Security Services by emailing
    1. a copy of the ADA parking permit application that was submitted to the office that issues the placard;
    2. photos of the front and back of the placard;
    3. photo of the front of the driver's license or other photo ID of the person with a disability or injury who is allowed to use the placard;
    4. name and contact information of the office that issued the placard.
  6. Before parking with the placard, please call Parking Operations and Security Services at 607-753-4123 to ensure they have received and processed your information.
  7. During daytime hours, you may then park in any ADA spot as well as any faculty/staff spot on campus by displaying the permit in the vehicle that has been registered with Parking Operations and Security Services.
  8. If you live on campus and wish to park overnight, be sure to park in an ADA space. If all nearby ADA spaces are full, please park in a neighboring, non-reserved space.

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