Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Temporary Disabilities

It is common for students to need assistance temporarily due to a severe injury, surgery, illness, or other serious condition. Please refer to this list of Frequently Asked Questions to determine your next steps.

I'm going to miss class and/or deadlines because of my condition. What should I do?

Contact your associate dean with documentation of your condition. They can contact your instructors to ask for flexibility for a short time.

How can I find accessible entryways to buildings and elevators?

Browse through this accessibility information about the most commonly used buildings on campus.

How can I get permission to park in ADA parking spots on campus?

  1. Ensure your vehicle has a permit from Parking Operations and Security Services.
  2. SUNY Cortland cannot grant temporary disability parking. Instead, talk to your doctor about how to get a temporary parking permit that will allow you to park in ADA parking spots.
  3. You may then park in any ADA spot on campus by displaying that temporary permit in a vehicle that has been registered with Parking Operations and Security Services.  

I'm struggling to complete my work and/or attend class because of my condition. What can I do?

Submit a New Student Accessibility Request. We will get in touch to schedule an appointment to discuss your options. This may include training for access technology like dictating using Microsoft 365 or your Mac, tools to listen to readings, which can help avoid eye strain, or note taking tools that synchronize an audio recording to your notes, allowing you to write or type the bare minimum while in class.

My question is not listed above. Who can I ask?

Contact the Disability Resources Office at 607-753-2967 or disability.resources@cortland.edu. We are happy to answer your questions or refer you to others on campus who can do so.