Things You Need to Know

Customizing Your Room

  • Bed linens: The extra-long twin bed mattress measures 36” x 80”. Regular-size twin sheets and extra-long single bed sheets will fit our mattresses.
  • Bed Risers: Storage space under the beds is approximately 15.5”-21.5” high. Cinder blocks and other forms of bed risers are unsafe and are not permitted.
  • Carpets/Rugs: We recommend that carpets are no larger than 9’x12’ for your room. On-campus bedrooms are not carpeted, with the exception of West Campus Apartments.
  • Decorations: We encourage students to personalize their room. Keep in mind that poster mounts and tape will cause damage to walls. We recommend 3M Command Strips and poster putty as ways to hang posters and photos without causing damage. Any damages may result in a charge being assessed to the student’s account.
  • Lamps: Lamps with a shade made with plastic, including those lined with another material are not allowed. Shades must be made only with glass, metal or fabric.
  • Refrigerator and MicroFridge Rental/Purchase: You may bring your own refrigerator. The refrigerator must meet the following criteria: it must be UL approved, grounded with a three-prong plug, and no larger than 5.5 cubic feet. You may also rent a combination microwave/refrigerator called MicroFridge through the College rental program. Please note that this is the only microwave approved for hall rooms. Contact Auxiliary Services Corporation for more details at 607-753-4627 or the MicroFridge Distributor at 800-525-7307. Only one MicroFridge or refrigerator is allowed per bedroom. Exceptions require medical documentation.
  • Window Treatments: Curtains and other fabric used for window treatments are not allowed in the residence hall. We provide all rooms with window blinds.


  • reslife-electronicsCampus Internet: All residence halls have both wired and wireless capabilities. A base Internet service is provided in each room per student. Students may purchase upgrades for their Internet service through GIG Telecom at an additional cost per semester. Contact GIG Telecom at 1-888-970-1180 for network service information. Computer routers are not permitted on campus.
  • Computer Information: There are two Internet outlets provided in each standard double room and three in a tripled room.
  • Telephone/Voicemail: For information regarding how to sign up for a paid phone plan on campus, contact GIG Telecom at 1-888-970-1180.


  • Designed Triples: These rooms are larger than a double room and easily accommodate a third person. Triple room rebates are not associated with ‘designed triples’. Designed triples are located in Cheney, DeGroat, and Glass Tower halls.
  • Insurance: The College is not responsible for damage and/or theft of student property. You may wish to review your family’s homeowner policy for potential coverage. If you are not insured, Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc., works closely with the College and can offer you an insurance policy. Contact Auxiliary Services Corporation at 607-753-4627 or visit them at their webpage for further information.
  • Student Health Service: Make sure you have provided all documentation requirements. Visit their webpage for further information.
  • Laundry Facilities: Each residence hall has a laundry facility. Cost for using the facility is covered through a laundry fee that you pay as part of your dining plan.
  • SUNY Cortland ID Card and Key: Residence halls are locked 24 hours a day to ensure student safety. Your SUNY Cortland ID card ID Cardis a “prox” card that will unlock the outside door to only the residence hall that you live in. The ID card will be used for meals and your Connections Account, which can be used at vending machines, copiers and printers around campus. Students are required to carry their ID with them at all times. There is a fee to replace lost ID cards. Room keys will be issued at check-in. If a room key is lost, there is a charge to change the lock and replace the key and it should be reported to your RHD.
  • Sustainability: SUNY Cortland actively participates in becoming more sustainable in the residence halls. Please help us by doing the following:
    • Install compact fluorescent bulbs with appropriate wattage in all lamps you bring to campus.
    • Use the recycling bin provided to you in your room for bottles, cans, paper and plastic.
    • Turn off electrical items and lights when not in use.
    • Purchase Energy Star appliances.

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