COVID-19 Safety Information

Alcohol, Guest, and Quiet Hours Policy

Alcohol Policy

Students less than 21 years of age may not use, possess, distribute, sell or be knowingly in the presence of alcoholic beverages on the college campus or in the Cortland community except as expressly permitted by law and College policy. The only exception is that underage students who reside with students of legal drinking age may be in the presence of alcohol in their assigned student residence hall room, provided these underage roommates do not distribute, sell, possess or consume alcohol.

Alcohol may be consumed by students or guests over 21 years of age only in student residence hall rooms if the residents responsible for the room are at least 21 years of age. Students present in a room where any alcohol is being consumed by under 21 year olds are in violation of the alcohol policy.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours in each residence hall/Judson Taylor Leadership House/West Campus Apartments are designated from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday -Thursday; and on weekends (Friday and Saturday), from 12 a.m. to 11 a.m. Quiet hours are defined as time during which all students should be able to sleep and/or study without disruption and that noise should not be heard outside the room, including from outside of the building.

Guest Policy

Residential students will not be permitted to have any daytime or overnight guests (including but not limited to: non-SUNY Cortland students, off-campus students, siblings, family members, etc.) in the residence halls.

Residential students will be permitted to visit other residence halls. Visiting residents cannot stay overnight and are expected to depart the building by 2 a.m.

All residents hosting other residents are responsible for the actions of their visitors. Residents are expected to take reasonable action to prevent their visitors from violating College policies.

Fire Safety

Because of the possibility of fires in the residence halls/Judson Taylor Leadership House/West Campus Apartments, the residence hall staff is especially concerned with taking all possible precautions to guard against fire. As a resident, you should take every precaution to guard against the possibility of fire and during your first floor meeting you will be made aware of fire safety techniques. You will be held responsible for any action which endangers others. Failure to evacuate a residence hall/Judson Taylor Leadership House/West Campus Apartments during an alarm is considered a serious violation of College policy.

For more policies and information, please review the 2021-2022 Room and Board License.