New Students

Housing Timeline for Fall 2024

  • Receive an acceptance letter from Admissions Office.
  • Pay the $200 admission deposit.
  • Receive an email with housing instructions for completing your new student preference form on myRedDragon beginning April 1st
  • Fill out and submit Housing Preference Form (view housing preference form instructions) via myRedDragon by June 15th
  • If you are requesting housing accommodations, please contact Disability Resources
  • Housing assignment and roommate information is available via myRedDragon on August 1st

Living in Alger Hall?

  • Alger Hall will only be open in Fall 2024 and closing for renovations at the end of the semester. All occupying residents will be reassigned to a new space for the Spring 2025 semester.

  • All residents occupying Alger Hall will need to move out at the end of fall semester, including removing all belongings. Unfortunately, there will be no storage on-campus and it is unlikely new room assignments will be available to move in prior to departing for winter break. 

  • Residents living in Alger Hall for the Fall 2024 semester will receive communication regarding their Spring Housing preference in October.
  • Visit our webpage for Alger Hall for more information regarding this community and facility. 

General Housing Information

General Housing Information

  • Freshmen are typically assigned to live in a room with freshmen.
  • Transfers are typically assigned to live with either another transfer student or a returning student.
  • You can request roommates after you complete your housing preference form.
  • Room charges include wireless internet, and laundry.
  • Student resident assistants (RAs) and professional residence hall directors (RHDs)/ Area Coordinators (ACs) are available for support in each residence hall.
  • Returning students are not guaranteed housing their junior and senior years; housing will be determined on a space available basis and whether the posted housing deadlines are met.

Housing Requirements

  • All new freshmen are required to live on campus for four semesters or two full years.
  • All new transfers are required to live on campus for two semesters or one full year.

Automatic approval to live off campus*

  • You are over the age of 21 by August 31 for the fall semester and January 15 for the spring semester
  • You commute from parent/guardian home (50 mile radius from campus is considered local; home address will be verified)
  • You are married
  • You are a veteran

Students eligible for automatic approval to live off campus must still complete the New Student Off Campus Approval form, available on myRedDragon on April 1st. For more information regarding the release policy please review our room and board license.

What to Expect from your Residence Hall community

You are a member of your residence hall community. We believe a residence hall is more than a place for a break from classes; it is a vibrant and active community — the center for student life. We encourage you to develop an awareness of the many opportunities that this presents and challenge you to take advantage of this setting to increase your leadership abilities and social development.

It is important that each resident's actions contribute to the development of a strong, safe, positive community within the residence hall. As a community member, you are expected to contribute in a positive manner.

Advantages to Living on Campus

  • Greater satisfaction with the college experience
  • Higher grades than off-campus students
  • Greater accessibility for participation in educational and recreational activities
  • Exposure to different cultures and lifestyles
  • Contact with more students
  • A stronger connection to campus

Room Layout

The illustration below shows the basic room layout for most residence hall double rooms. The closets are generally built in and cannot be moved, except for closets in Alger, Clark, Glass Tower, and Higgins halls.

In a typical room layout, there is a closet, desk and bed on both sides of the room. There are two dressers in front of the window opposite the entry door, which swings inward.

To view the approximate room dimensions, visit the individual residence hall pages.

For more information regarding residence hall rooms, please visit the FAQ for New Students or the individual residence hall pages.

Contact Us

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Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-33
Email: Residence Life and Housing
Phone: 607-753-4724
Fax: 607-753-5984
Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
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