Higgins Hall

Higgins Hall was built in 1965 and is named after Cortland community member Dr. R. Paul Higgins, who was on the Cortland Board from 1917-1948 and headed it the last 24 years of his tenure. 

After it's 2001 renovation, Higgins Hall was reconfigured to provide suites and double rooms off of a corridor on each floor. These changes involved the addition of several designed single rooms and a fully equipped kitchen on each floor.

Higgins Hall Highlights

  • On each floor where residents reside, the kitchen is equipped with a sink, stove/oven and a microwave.
  • The recreation lounge located on the first floor is equipped with a pool table, ping pong table and a big screen TV.
  • The laundry facilities and vending machines are located on the ground floor; you use your college ID as a form of payment for the vending machine items. The cost for use of the laundry machines is included in your dining plan.
  • There are common areas located on the first floor and ground floor where students can relax or study outside of their residence hall room.
  • The student staff office and the RHD’s office are both located on the first floor.
  • The entire building has wireless Internet access.
  • One floor is a designated space to only house transfer students.
  • An elevator allows access to all floors.

Higgins Hall Room Dimensions

 Please be aware that these dimensions are approximate and may vary from room to room.

Corridor Double
                12.4' x 14.5' floor
                7' x 4' window
                Free-standing closet 

Single Room
                8.8' x 14.5' floor
                7' x 4' window
                Free-standing closet 

Suite bedroom
                12.2' x 14.5' floor
                7' x 4' window
                Free-standing closet 

Suite Common Area
                12.9' x 13.3'
                26.7' x 4.4' hallway
                4' x 6.5' window 

Photo Gallery

Rec Lounge

View Higgins Hall Photo Gallery.

Higgins Hall Staff

Area Coordinator (AC)

Higgins Hall is managed by a full-time professional area coordinator (AC) who both lives and works in the hall.

Photo of AC Siobhan Dailey

Siobhan Dailey

AC Office Phone: 607-753-4159
Student Staff Office Phone: 607-753-2625

Resident Assistants (RA)

Each floor has a resident assistant, totaling seven RAs in Higgins Hall.