DeGroat Hall

Created as part of the Cheney-Brockway-DeGroat project, construction of DeGroat Hall was finished in 1950. Originally called South Hall, DeGroat was later named after Harry DeWitt DeGroat, the third principal of the Cortland Normal School.

DeGroat hall is primarily made up of double rooms off of a T-shaped corridor and has residents residing on all floors, including the ground floor. The ground floor also has the recreation lounge, laundry facilities, and a secondary entrance.

DeGroat Hall Highlights

DeGroat Hall underwent a major renovation during the spring 2016 semester to include updating of plumbing, heating and lighting; the addition of an elevator and lighting; the addition of an elevator, and kitchens added on all floors. The third floor is comprised mostly of single rooms.

  • The ground-floor recreation lounge is equipped with a ping pong table and a big-screen TV.
  • The laundry facilities and vending machines are located on the ground floor; you use your College ID to pay for vending machine items. The cost for use of the laundry machines is included in your dining plan.
  • The study lounge is located on the first floor near the student staff office.
  • The RHD’s office and the staff office are also located on the first floor.
  • Kitchenettes on every floor.
  • Like Cheney Hall, residents of DeGroat Hall find their close proximity to the Hilltop dining facility as one of the benefits to living up the hill.

DeGroat Hall Room Dimensions

Please be aware that these dimensions are approximate and may vary from room to room

Corridor Double Room
                11.4' x 16.8' floor
                3.2' x 4.8' window
                2.3' x 6.6' x 2.2' closet 

Design Triple
                15.6' x 16.8' floor
                3.2' x 4.8' window
                2.3' x 6.6' x 2.2' closet 

3rd floor Design Triple
                23.5' length
                9.75' width to wall 
                14.2' width to window  
                4.1' x 2.9' window
                2.3' x 6.6' x 2.2' closet

Photo Gallery

1st Floor Lounge

View DeGroat Hall Photo Gallery.

DeGroat Hall Staff

Area Coordinator

DeGroat Hall is managed by a full-time professional area coordinator (AC) who both lives and works in the hall.  

Photo of Area Coordinator Corbin Flanagan

Corbin Flanagan

AC Office Phone: 607-753-4151
Student Staff Office Phone: 607-753-2618

Resident Assistants (RA)

Each floor has one or two resident assistants, totaling six RAs in DeGroat Hall.