Living On Campus Guide

Spring 2023 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

All residential students are required to follow guidance posted on the COVID-19 Safety Information page and checking their emails for updates frequently.

We encourage all new students to review our FAQ below before moving on campus...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I park?

  • Upon arrival to campus, you will be able to pull right up to your residence hall. All belongings should be unloaded from the car. One move in helper should remain with the belongings while someone else moves the car to the designated parking lot. Campus transportation will be running on a loop in order to bring families back to their student’s residence hall.

Where do I get my ID card?

  • Visit the ID photo webpage and follow the instructions to upload a photo to be used on their ID card. Once the submitted photo has been approved, an email will be sent to the student's Cortland email address.
  • You are able to pick up your Cortland ID card from the Cortland Auxiliary office in Neubig Hall upon your arrival to campus. Students must bring a valid form of photo ID (i.e., a State Driver's License, State Photo ID, or Passport) to the Auxiliary office in order to be issued a Cortland ID.

How do I get my textbooks?

  • You can order your textbooks online or you buy them at the campus store in Neubig Hall upon arrival.

Where do I pick up mail and packages?

  • Letter mail
    • Students will receive all letter mail in their assigned mailbox located in their residence hall. At opening, everyone is assigned a mailbox by hall staff and provided with a combination. Letter mail includes bills, invoices, personal correspondence, small parcels, newsletters, magazines, advertisements, and circulars.
  • Packages
    • All packages are delivered to Neubig Hall at Package Services and students may pick up their package at the service counter located in the back of The Campus Store. Students will be notified that a package has been delivered via email and/or text message (text messaging service only available if student signs up). Any package that is not picked up within the timeframe specified will be returned to sender.

Where can I get my parking permit?

  • Students looking to purchase a parking permit should log into the Parking Portal using your myRedDragon account. See the steps below:
    • Log into your myRedDragon account
    • Select the student tab
    • Locate the parking section
    • Click the "Parking Management System" link
    • Click "Order a Permit"
    • Select permit type
    • Select existing or add a new vehicle
    • Click "Add Permit to Cart"
    • Complete credit card information
    • Click "Confirm"
  • Once payment is processed, the permit process is complete. No permit will be mailed or need to be picked up, the vehicle license plate(s) will be linked electronically to your permit.  For more information, please see the virtual permitting page.

Permits will be sold on a per-semester basis only. Total number of all permit types sold are subject to a cap. Once permit type pools are exhausted, students may enter a wait list in the unlikely event that additional permits will become available.

Plan for Arrival What to Bring Suggested Shopping List Additional Information 

Residence Life and Housing Updates

Room Types

There will be no mandated triple room assignments in any of our residence halls. All rooms will be singles, double, or designed triple rooms.

Guest Policy

Guest Policy

Guests must be of traditional college age (17-24). Parents and children are not allowed to stay overnight. Overnight guests are permitted to stay in the residence hall/Judson Taylor Leadership House/West Campus Apartments only on weekends (Friday and Saturday). Guests are not permitted during study days or the final exam period. Sunday through Thursday guests must leave by 2 a.m. Guests are required to sleep in their host’s room and not in residence hall/Judson Taylor Leadership House/West Campus Apartments lounges. For their security and for yours, all guests must be registered using the form below.

Residential Guest Registration Form

Cortaca Weekend Guest Policy 

  • Current Residents are permitted to register only one overnight guest per night on Friday (11/11) and Saturday (11/12)
  • All guests must be pre-registered by 4 p.m. on Thursday (11/10) ; failure to do so will jeopardize your ability to host a guest
  • Online guest registration will not be available for Nov. 11 and 12
Guest Registration Instructions
  • Complete the guest registration form via the housing portal
    • Log into myRedDragon, select "Student" tab
    • Navigate to the "Residence Life and Housing" tab
    • Select “Housing Process and Information”
    • From the top menu, select "Forms"
    • Select "Cortaca Guest Registration"
  • Registration forms will not be accepted after 4 p.m. on Thursday (11/10); no exceptions
When Guest Arrives
  • Check in with a residence life staff member...
    Friday, November 11th 

    Posted Hours Outside RHD Office between 9am - 4pm

    RA Staff Office 9pm - 12am

    Saturday, November 12th  RA Staff Office 7pm - 12am
  • If the wristband breaks, see a hall staff member immediately
  • Your guest must present a photo ID
  • Your guest will receive wristband which must be worn for their entire stay
  • Your guest must remain with you at all times
  • All previous guest regulations apply.

You are responsible for your guest’s actions once they arrive on campus.  SUNY Cortland and its employees reserve the right to remove your guest at any point during the weekend if their behavior is deemed disruptive or if they are violating College policies.   Review the Student Code of Conduct if you have questions on this matter.  An electronic copy of the Code of Conduct can be found online.  Any attempt to alter information or create counterfeit wristbands will be referred to Student Conduct and result in the immediately. 

Quarantine and Isolation Spaces

A portion of our West Campus Apartments have been set aside as dedicated quarantine and/or isolation space reserved for the needs of on-campus residents during the academic year.