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Does SUNY Cortland have an on-campus housing requirement?

All new freshmen/freshmen transfers are required to live in on-campus housing for their freshman and sophomore years (or four semesters). Sophomore and junior transfers arriving in the fall have a one-year (or two-semester) housing requirement. On-campus housing is not guaranteed for juniors and seniors; however, we have been able to provide housing for juniors and seniors who request it and adhere to the room selection deadlines.

Are there any exceptions to the on-campus housing requirement?

Yes, the following students are excepted from the SUNY Cortland on-campus housing requirement:

    1. Students commuting from home who live within a 50-mile radius of SUNY Cortland.
    2. Students 21 years of age by Aug. 31 for fall semesters or Jan. 15 for spring semesters.
    3. Married students or students with children.
    4. Students who are veterans.

You must fill out the New Student Off Campus Approval Form if you feel you meet one of these exceptions. We will send you a letter to inform you if your exemption from living in campus housing is approved. To access the form in myRedDragon: go to the student tab; under the Residence Life and Housing section, select the Housing Process and Information link. From the applications menu select New Student Off Campus Approval Form.


Are freshmen allowed to have cars on campus?

Freshmen can have cars on campus and are required to park in the Route 281 lot. All cars must be registered with University Police and must display a parking permit sticker. Visit the University Police Parking Web site for additional information.

What is the smoking policy in the residence halls?

Our campus is tobacco-free. This means that no one is permitted to smoke or use tobacco anywhere on campus. New students are asked on their Housing Preference Form if they are smokers. To accommodate students who have allergies and asthma, we try to place smokers in a room together.


Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

Yes, all students who sign up for on-campus housing (excluding the Leadership House and West Campus Apartments) are required to purchase a meal plan. Students assigned to the West Campus Apartments do not receive a meal plan unless they request one. Meal plan information is available at the ASC website.

Housing Assignment

Are the residence halls coed?

All of the residence halls are coed. Double rooms are occupied by two students of the same gender except for the gender inclusive floors in Casey Tower where we assign without consideration of gender. Most low rises are coed by floor, which means that usually half of a floor is male and the other half is female. Coed floors have a female-designated and male-designated bathroom. There are gender inclusive apartments at West Campus Apartments and some floors on campus that are coed by every other room (double rooms are same gender, but your neighbor may be of another gender).


What if I want a single room?

Residence life and housing uses the information on the new student Housing Preference Form to create a waiting list for the designed singles on campus. Students must agree to pay the higher cost for a single. Spaces are filled using seniority and date of deposit and date you submitted the housing preference form. There are more than 200 designed single rooms on campus and an additional 240 designed single rooms available at West Campus Apartments.

What is the difference between a suite and quad?

Both offer a common area that is shared by suite- or quad-mates. Quads are smaller and do not contain any furniture. Suites have a larger common area, similar to a living room, that offer seating for all occupants. Both suites and quads have bathrooms available for use by the suite- or quad-mates.


How can I request medical or disability accommodations?

SUNY Cortland is committed to upholding and maintaining all aspects of the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Students with documented disabilities or medical conditions may request housing accommodations.

Can I arrive early?

Students must follow the opening arrival schedule. Any variations from this schedule will require you to fill out the online early arrival request found on myRedDragon for advance approval to arrive early. Please note that in order for you to arrive early you will be required to work five hours on the welcome team each day you arrive early to campus. New students may come in one day early and returning students up to two days early. There are no early arrivals permitted for the spring semester.


Can I get my room deposit back?

New students have until May 1 to request their deposit back. New students accepted after April 1 have 30 days from the date of the acceptance letter to request their deposit back. No deposits are refunded after the beginning of the semester.

Will I be placed with a freshman?

In general, freshmen are assigned a room with another freshman, and transfers are assigned a room with another transfer or with a returning student.


When will I find out my housing information?

You can sign in to myRedDragon to find your roommate, hall and room assignment information the first week of August. For the spring semester, this information will be available on myRedDragon in January.

What information will I receive about my housing assignment before I arrive on campus?

Students will find on myRedDragon their hall assignment and room number before they arrive on campus. Additionally, students will have the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email address (if possible) no later than the first week of August. Please note: The housing and roommate assignments are subject to change up until opening day.


Can I change halls or roommates?

Most hall or roommate changes will have to wait until the beginning of the following semester. Any room change requests should be discussed with your hall director. Requests to move to special interest housing such as Shea wellness and quiet floors can be made as space becomes available.

Can I choose my own roommate after the May 31 deadline?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate roommate requests received after the May 31 deadline. The deadline enables us to finalize the housing assignment process in a timely manner.


Room Basics

What comes with my room?

Bed, mattress (33" x 80"), dresser, desk, desk chair, closet space, mirror, window blinds, recycling bin.

What should I bring?

Sheets (twin extra long) except for West Campus Apartments, mattress pad, blankets, pillow, towels, study lamp, metal wastebasket, telephone, UL-approved multi-plug outlet with built-in circuit breaker. View a complete list of suggested items.


Can I bring my own furniture?

Due to fire safety concerns and very minimal storage space on campus, students are not permitted to bring their own furniture into the residence halls. This includes bed frames, mattresses, waterbeds, stuffed furniture or other items. Exceptions include bean bag chairs, papasan chairs and inflatable furniture.

What size carpet should I bring?

A standard carpet size for all double rooms is 9'x12' or smaller.


How big are the windows? Do I need to bring blinds or curtains?

Window sizes vary in each hall. Blinds are provided in all student rooms.

What is the height clearance under the bed?

  • Standard: 2 feet, 8 inches (can fit our standard three drawer dressers)
  • Lowest: 1 foot, 2 inches (can fit a thin plastic container and shoes)
  • Lofted: 5 feet, 8 inches (can fit our standard desk with hutch)


Can I have a loft?

A lot of our furniture can be lofted. Once you arrive, you may put in a work order to have your furniture lofted, if it is available in your hall. We do not permit students to build their own lofts.

Does my closet have a door or curtain?

  • Halls with closet doors: Alger (wardrobe), Casey (3rd-10th floors), Clark (wardrobe), DeGroat, Hendrick, Higgins (wardrobe), Glass Tower (wardrobe), Leadership House, Smith (3rd-10th floors), West Campus Apartments, Whitaker (wardrobe)
  • Halls with closet curtains: Bishop, Casey (2nd floor), Cheney, Dragon, Hayes, Fitzgerald, Randall, Smith (2nd floor)

Do I need to provide my own shower curtain in my suite, quad, apartment?

No. Shower curtains are provided.


Are bed-risers available?

Bed-risers, which are extenders that attach to the bed frame and provide more storage space under the bed, are already on all beds in the residence halls. Many of the residence halls have adjustable frames that permit the placement of dressers under the bed, so bed risers are not necessary. Use of cinder blocks or store purchased bed risers is not permitted.

Am I permitted to bring a refrigerator or Microfridge?

If you are bringing your own refrigerator, each room is allowed one refrigerator that is UL-approved with three-pronged plug, tight-fitting door gasket and unfrayed feeder line. The maximum size for student refrigerators is 5.0 cubic feet. Refrigerators must be inspected by staff at check-in. Microfridges, a microwave-refrigerator-freezer combination, are the only approved microwaves for student rooms and are available to rent from ASC. Tripled rooms are allowed to have two microfridges. Also, students with medical documentation can be approved to have an additional microfridge.


Tripling at SUNY Cortland

We have two types of triples. 

Designed Triple

Cheney Hall, DeGroat Hall and Glass Tower Hall have some rooms that are larger than a standard double room and are designed to accommodate three students. Students who reside in these “designed triple” rooms do not receive a triple refund. 

Mandated Triple in a Double

Mandated triples have three students assigned to share a standard-size double room. Students in mandated triples will receive a 25 percent triple refund for the number of days tripled.


Will I be Tripled?

You will find out when you receive your room assignment if you are in a mandated triple room. 

How is tripling determined?

The date your housing deposit is received, submission date of your housing preference form, the specific housing preferences you requested and housing availability are the determining factors for tripling.


How long will I be in a Triple?

The housing staff begins de-tripling during the summer, and will continue to do so until all tripled students have been offered the opportunity to de-triple. 

In the past, a number of tripled students chose to remain tripled for a second semester because they enjoyed living with their two new friends.

What is de-tripling based on?

All de-tripling is based on the date you paid the housing deposit. The students who paid first are the first students offered the chance to de-triple.


Where will I be moved?

We will make every effort to keep students in the same residence hall they are living in, but tripled students are also informed of openings in other buildings.

Do I get a Triple refund?

Students in a tripled room receive a 25 percent refund of the room charge for the number of days they are tripled. If you choose to remain in a Triple after you are offered the chance to move out, you will sign a voluntary triple form and will not receive the 25 percent refund after the date you are offered to move out of your Triple. The Triple refund is issued after the student has been de-tripled. 


Cable TV, Email, Network Connectivity, Voicemail and Long Distance

Do the rooms have cable TV?

Every residence hall room is equipped with two cable TV outlets. Because this service is included as part of the room charge, no extra charges are assessed. TVs and cable cords are not provided in the residence hall rooms. Each residence hall has a TV in a lounge for community use. To be compatible with the cable service, all TVs must have a QAM tuner. Visit our cable TV page for a list of known televisions with QAM tuners.

Do I get an email account?

Every SUNY Cortland student receives a SUNY Cortland email account which all campus offices use to send students important information regarding billing, refunds, registration, housing, etc. For information on computer services for students, visit the Information Resources.

*myRedDragon is the campus portal that all students should sign into on a daily basis to receive important messages and information from campus offices.


Is there a computer hook-up?

Each residence hall room is equipped with two outlets for computer network connection and access to the Internet. All residence halls have wired and wireless access.