Single-Use Bathrooms in Residence Halls

Residence HallLocationToilet?Sink?Shower?
Alger First floor by lounge, ground floor Yes Yes No
Bishop Lobby Yes Yes Yes
Cheney First and second floors Yes Yes Yes
Clark First floor lobby Yes Yes No
Dragon Ground floor lobby Yes Yes No
Fitzgerald First, second and third floors Yes Yes Yes (only on first floor)
Glass Tower First floor* Yes Yes No
Hayes Lobby Yes Yes Yes
Hendrick Lobby Yes Yes Yes
Higgins Lobby Yes Yes No
Randall First floor lobby Yes Yes Yes
Casey Tower First floor Yes Yes Yes
Smith Tower See Casey Tower
West Campus Apartments Off study room in rec. center Yes Yes No
DeGroat Hall Ground floor Yes Yes No

*Indicates that the building has two single-use bathrooms, but are designated as male/female.

Shea Hall does not have any private, single-use bathrooms.