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Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$ Jill Pace Lecturer Health Department
$ Nathan Pagan Assistant Coach, Football Athletics Department
$ Angela Pagano Associate Professor 607-753-2309 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 38
$ Noelle Paley Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 607-753-2336 Multicultural Life and Diversity Office Corey Union Room 407-A; Old Main, Room 214-F
$ Gary Pallassino Graphic Designer Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Winchell Hall Administration
$ Kathryn Palm Graduate Assistant Communication Disorders and Sciences Department
$ Timothy Panetta Assistant Coach, Strength and Conditioning
$ Joel Pape Assistant Technical Director 607-753-5535 Performing Arts Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Studio 4-A
$ William Parente Janitor 607-753-2225 Custodial Services Shea Hall
$ Rachel Parker Maintenance Helper Maintenance
$ Connie Parmiter Secretary 1 607-753-4251 Sport Management Department Professional Studies Building Sport Management
$ Linda Parmiter Agency Program Aide 607-753-2255 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1105
$ Melissa Partigianoni Nurse Practitioner 607-753-4811 Student Health Service Van Hoesen Hall Room B-26
$ Michael Partigianoni Stores Clerk 2 607-753-4940 Equipment Room Park Center Room 1212
$ Ruth Partigianoni Cleaner 607-753-2117 Custodial Services Higgins Hall
$ Nasrin Parvizi Associate Vice President, Facilities Management 607-753-5582 Facilities Management Office
$ Syed Pasha Associate Professor 607-753-5790 Communication Studies Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 226
$ Christine Paske Lecturer Health Department
$ Thomas Pasquarello Professor 607-753-5772 Political Science Department Old Main Room 207-B
$ Charlotte Pass Associate Professor 607-753-4283 Literacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1319
$ Ben Patrick Senior Network Technician 607-753-5511 Networking and Telecommunications Services Old Main B05
$ Stephen Patrick Head Coach, Track and Field 607-753-4945 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2123
$ Robert Patterson Lecturer I 607-753-2031 English Department Old Main Room A-111
$ Biru Paul Associate Professor 607-753-4110 Economics Department Old Main Room 226-C
$ Claire Payne Secretary 1 607-753-4219 Psychology Department Old Main Room 132
$ Joshua Peck Assistant Professor 607-753-4217 Psychology Department Moffett Center 11
$ Christopher Pecone Assistant Manager - Food Production Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$ Theresa Peebles Secretary 1 607-753-6044 Student Conduct Office Corey Union Room 409B
$ Joshua Peluso Director, Systems Administration and Web Services (SAWS) 607-753-5617 Systems Administration and Web Services (SAWS) Winchell Hall Room 105
$ Edith Pennell Secretary 1 607-753-2303 Business Office Miller Building Room 330
$ Laurie Pepper Library Clerk 2 607-753-4384 The Help Center Memorial Library IRSC
$ Cynthia Perelka Calculations Clerk 2 607-753-2313 Student Accounts Office Miller Building Room 323
$ Bruce Perine Accounts Payable Supervisor 607-753-2409 Accounts Payable Miller Building Room 319
$ Danni Perratto Residence Hall Director 607-753-4151 Residence Life and Housing Office DeGroat Hall 132
$ Sharon Pesesky Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-5416 International Programs Office Old Main 219
$ Greg Peters Janitor 607-753-2140 Custodial Services Glass Tower Hall
$ Sharon Peters Cleaner 607-753-4959 Custodial Services Park Center
$ Gigi Peterson Associate Professor 607-753-2051 History Department Old Main Room 210-B
$ Susan Peterson Lecturer I 607-753-4878 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 227-A
$ Lisa Petracca Research Foundation Cornish Hall 1312
$ Anthony Petrella Janitor 607-753-2123 Custodial Services Old Main
$ Suzanne Pettitt Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-2094 Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
$ Dwight Pfennig Assistant Professor 607-753-2194 Educational Leadership Department Cornish Hall Room 1213
$ Gregory Phelan Associate Professor 607-753-2905 Chemistry Department Bowers Hall Room 341
$ Casey Phillips Maintenance Assistant 607-753-2103 Maintenance Cornish Hall
$ Darlene Phillips Keyboard Specialist 2 607-753-2322 Campus Activities and Corey Union Office Corey Union Room 406
$ Eleanor Phillips Lecturer
$ Randall Phillips Safety Specialist - Electrical/Mechanical 607-753-4131 Environmental Health and Safety Office Service Group
$ Steven Phillips General Mechanic 607-753-2100 Maintenance
$ Timothy Phillips Associate Professor 607-753-2437 Economics Department Old Main Room 136-B
$ Almon Pickerd General Utility Worker / Receiver Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Dragon's Court
$ Patrick Pidgeon Assistant Coach, Soccer Athletics Department
$ Connie Piech Keyboard Specialist 1 Payroll Office
$ Frederic Pierce Director, Public Relations 607-753-2232 Public Relations Office Brockway Hall Room 207-H
$ Kimberly Pietro Vice President, Institutional Advancement 607-753-2518 Division of Institutional Advancement Brockway Hall Room 313
$ Patricia Pinto Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-5961 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Education Building Room 1241
$ Michael Pitaro Associate Director, Student Conduct 607-753-4725 Student Conduct Office Corey Union Room 409-B
$ Michael J. Pitcher Lecturer IV 607-758-5036 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building Room 2229
$ Damien Pitman Associate Professor 607-753-2970 Mathematics Department Moffett Center Room 127-A
$ Jaclyn Pittsley Lecturer I 607-753-4837 English Department Old Main Room 113-A
$ Lisa Pittsley Cleaner Custodial Services
$ Katherine Polasek Associate Professor 607-753-4893 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1152
$ Lauren Polito Keyboard Specialist 2 Cortland College Foundation
$ Michael Polk Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2120 Heating Plant Heating Plant
$ Susanne Polley Associate Professor 607-753-2469 Economics Department Old Main Room 137-E
$ Marie Ponterio Lecturer IV 607-753-4914 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 225-C
$ Robert Ponterio Professor 607-753-2027 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 225-D
$ Chris Poole Van Hoesen Hall A31
$ Donna Poole Cleaner 607-753-2108 Custodial Services Randall Hall
$ LuAnn Poole Lodging and Event Coordinator Research Foundation Parks Alumni House 29 Tompkins St.
$ Lori Porter Assistant to the President 607-753-5500 President's Office Miller Building Room 408
$ R Porter Lecturer Athletics Department
$ Renee Potter Lecturer III 607-753-2453 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Education Building Room 1243
$ Richard Powell Instructional Services Librarian 607-753-2289 Library Memorial Library Room B-235
$ Debra Powers Library Clerk 2 607-753-2141 Library
$ Roy Pratt Achievement Specialist Research Foundation Cornish Hall Room 1312
$ Erin Preston Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$ Cynthia Price-Moriarity Lecturer I 607-753-5526 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1228
$ Jaroslava Prihodova Assistant to the Gallery Director 607-753-2297 Art and Art History Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 18
$ Prudy Prior Cleaner Custodial Services
$ Kevin Pristash Associate Director, Corey Union and Conferences 607-753-2326 Campus Activities and Corey Union Office Corey Union Room 402-A
$ Nathena Proulx Cleaner Custodial Services
$ Mark Prus Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs 607-753-2207 Division of Academic Affairs Miller Building Room 408-B
$ L. Sebastian Purcell Assistant Professor 607-753-2192 Philosophy Department Old Main Room 138-B
$ Andrew Purrington Assistant Professor Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department
$ Diane Purvis Cleaner Custodial Services