Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
Angela Pagano Angela Pagano Associate Professor 607-753-2309 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 1115
Heather N Palermo Heather N Palermo Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office West Campus-Recreation Center 607-753-4164
Christina M Papaleo Christina M Papaleo Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
Joel Pape Joel Pape Assistant Technical Director 607-753-5535 Performing Arts Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Dowd 233
Connie Parmiter Connie Parmiter Secretary 1 607-753-4251 Sport Management Department Professional Studies Building Room 1114
Melissa Partigianoni Melissa Partigianoni Associate Director, Student Health Service 607-753-4811 Student Health Service Van Hoesen Hall Room B-26
Nasrin Parvizi-Baumeister Nasrin Parvizi-Baumeister Associate Vice President, Facilities Management 607-753-5582 Facilities Management Office Whitaker Hall 2nd Floor
Syed H Pasha Syed H Pasha Associate Professor 607-753-5790 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room 125G
Nan Pasquarello Nan Pasquarello Title IX Coordinator 607-753-4550 President's Office Miller Building Miller Building, Room 404
Thomas Pasquarello Thomas Pasquarello Professor 607-753-5772 Political Science Department Old Main Room 207-B
Charlotte Pass Charlotte Pass Associate Professor 607-753-4283 Literacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1319
Ben   Patrick Ben Patrick Senior Network Technician 607-753-5511 Networking and Telecommunications Services Old Main B05
Steve Patrick Steve Patrick Head Coach, Track and Field 607-753-4945 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2123
Biru Paksha Paul Biru Paksha Paul Associate Professor 607-753-4110 Economics Department Old Main Room 226-F
Claire Payne Claire Payne Secretary 1 607-753-4219 Psychology Department Old Main Room 132
Amanda Peck Amanda Peck Cleaner Custodial Services Service Group Service Group
Joshua Peck Joshua Peck Associate Professor 607-753-4217 Psychology Department Moffett Center 11
Theresa Peebles Theresa Peebles Program Aide 607-753-6044 Student Conduct Office Corey Union Room 409B
Jeremy Pekarek Jeremy Pekarek Archivist and Instructional Services Librarian 607-753-2759 Library Memorial Library B-114
Joshua A Peluso Joshua A Peluso Director, Systems Administration and Web Services (SAWS) 607-753-5617 Systems Administration and Web Services (SAWS) Winchell Hall Room 105
Roanny M Pena Vasquez Roanny M Pena Vasquez Head Residential Coordinator Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Cornish Hall Room 132-D
Edith T Pennell Edith T Pennell Secretary 2 607-753-2303 Business Office Miller Building Room 330
Cynthia Perelka Cynthia Perelka Secretary 1 607-753-5488 Parks Family Outdoor Center Professional Studies Building Room 1131
Peter Perkins Peter Perkins Vice President for Institutional Advancement 607-753-2518 Division of Institutional Advancement Brockway Hall Room 313
Danni Perratto Danni Perratto Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
Greg Peters Greg Peters Janitor 607-753-2140 Custodial Services Glass Tower Hall Facilities Operations and Services
Sharon Peters Sharon Peters Janitor 607-753-4959 Custodial Services Park Center Facilities Operations and Services
Gigi A. Peterson Gigi A. Peterson Associate Professor 607-753-2051 History Department Old Main Room 210-B
Susan Peterson Susan Peterson Lecturer I 607-753-4878 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 225-C
Anthony Petrella Anthony Petrella Janitor 607-753-2123 Custodial Services Old Main physical plant to facilitties operations and services
Jennifer Petrie Jennifer Petrie Secretary 1 607-753-4225 Health Department Moffett Center Room 105B
Suzanne Pettitt Suzanne Pettitt Office Assistant 2 (Keyboarding) 607-753-2250 Honors Program Old Main Room B-14-C
Gregory D. Phelan Gregory D. Phelan Professor 607-753-2905 Chemistry Department Bowers Hall Room 341
Jenifer Phelan Jenifer Phelan Assistant Librarian 607-753-5667 Library Memorial Library B233
Allison R Phillips Allison R Phillips Assistant Director Summer Camps Athletics Department Park Center Room 1212
Randall Phillips Randall Phillips Safety Specialist - Electrical/Mechanical 607-753-4131 Environmental Health and Safety Office Service Group Physical Plant
Shannon Phillips Shannon Phillips Project Support Specialist Liberty Partnerships Program Cornish Hall Room 1312
Timothy Phillips Timothy Phillips Associate Professor 607-753-2437 Economics Department Old Main Room 136-B
Frederic Pierce Frederic Pierce Director of Communications 607-753-2232 Communications Office Brockway Hall Room 207-H
Michael Pitaro Michael Pitaro Associate Director, Student Conduct 607-753-4725 Student Conduct Office Corey Union Room 409-B
Michael J. Pitcher Michael J. Pitcher Lecturer IV 607-758-5036 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building Room 2229
Thomas M Pitman Thomas M Pitman Maintenance Assistant Maintenance Service Group Physical Plant
Rhonda Pitoniak Rhonda Pitoniak Director of Outdoor Education 607-753-5485 Parks Family Outdoor Center Professional Studies Building Room 1131
Jaclyn Pittsley Jaclyn Pittsley Lecturer III 607-753-4837 English Department Old Main Room 113-A
Hannah Polanko-Baker Hannah Polanko-Baker Massage Therapist Recreational Sports Student Life Center Room 1201
Katherine M. Polasek Katherine M. Polasek Associate Professor 607-753-4893 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1152
Susanne Polley Susanne Polley Associate Professor 607-753-2469 Economics Department Old Main Room 137-E
Melissa Poltorak Melissa Poltorak Teacher's Assistant 607-753-5955 Child Care Center Education Building Room 1000
Jason M Pomeroy Jason M Pomeroy Director of The Cortland Fund 607-753-5578 The Cortland Fund Brockway Hall
Robert Ponterio Robert Ponterio Professor 607-753-2027 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 225-D
LuAnn Poole LuAnn Poole Clerk II 607-753-1561 Alumni Engagement Parks Alumni House Room 207
Lori Porter Lori Porter Assistant to the President 607-753-5500 President's Office Miller Building Room 408
Renee Potter Renee Potter Lecturer IV 607-753-2453 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Education Building Room 1243
Kendra Powell Kendra Powell Tutor 607-753-4706 Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Svc Prog. Van Hoesen Hall Room B-105
Richard Powell Richard Powell Instructional Services Librarian 607-753-2289 Library Memorial Library Room B-235
Debra Powers Debra Powers Library Clerk 2 607-753-2141 Library Memorial Library B-233
Erica Pratt Erica Pratt Assistant Professor 607-753-5647 Physical Education Department Park Center 2111
Kevin Pratt Kevin Pratt Grounds Worker Grounds Service Group Physical Plant
Cynthia Price-Moriarity Cynthia Price-Moriarity Lecturer III 607-753-5526 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1228
Jaroslava Prihodova Jaroslava Prihodova Interim Director, Art Gallery 607-753-4216 Art and Art History Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 106
Kevin Pristash Kevin Pristash Director of Corey Union 607-753-5574 Campus Activities and Corey Union Office Corey Union Room 402-B
Mark Prus Mark Prus Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs 607-753-2207 Division of Academic Affairs Miller Building Room 408-B
L. Sebastian Purcell L. Sebastian Purcell Associate Professor 607-753-2192 Philosophy Department Old Main Room 138-B
Andrew Purrington Andrew Purrington Assistant Professor 607-753-2448 Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department Professional Studies Building Room 2221
Diane Purvis Diane Purvis Cleaner Custodial Services Education Building Service Group