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Here at the top of the page, you will find a simple listing of our full-time faculty members, with their teaching/research interests, followed by a list of our emeritus and adjunct faculty. More information, such as contact details and links to websites, can be found below in alphabetical order.

Full-time Faculty

Girish Bhat, Professor

(Russia, legal history, Soviet Union)

Danielle Candelora, Assistant Professor

       (ancient history, Egyptian history)

Evan Faulkenbury, Associate Professor

       (public history, U.S. history)

Laura Gathagan, Associate Professor

(Medieval Europe, gender, and Anglo-Norman history)

Jared McBrady, Assistant Professor

       (scholarship of teaching and learning, social studies education)

Scott Moranda, Professor

(Germany, central Europe, environmental history)

Gigi A. Peterson, Associate Professor

(civil rights, U.S.-Latin American relations, social studies education)

Anisha Saxena, Assistant Professor

       (South Asia, East Asia, religion, contested sacred geographies)

Amy Schutt, Associate Professor

(Native Americans, history of children/youth, social studies education)

Kevin B. Sheets, Professor and Chair

(American cultural history, 19th century U.S.)

Randi Storch, Distinguished Teaching Professor

(American labor history, 20th century U.S.)

Bekeh Ukelina, Associate Professor

       (modern Africa, world history)

Emeritus Faculty

Sanford Gutman

John Shedd

Judith Van Buskirk

Donald Wright

Luo Xu

*Check out a collection of oral history interviews with some of our emeritus faculty members here

Adjunct Faculty

Kevin Kreiner

James Miller

Ute Ritz-Deutch

Arleen de Vera

Thomas Wirth

Melyssa Wrisley