Resources & Information

Resources for Undergraduate Students

  1. Requirements & Sequence for Dual Major in Adolescence Education: Social Studies & History (SST/HIS) - latest version (October 2022)
  2. Alternative Routes to Initial Teaching Certification in NYS
  3. Catalog of Books in History Department (available for students to check out from the History office)
  4. Undergraduate Advisement Registration Form
  5. SST Planner Form
  6. Course Schedule Worksheet
  7. MAT & MST Programs in NYS (Partial List) 
  8. Various registration forms from SUNY Cortland 

Resources for Graduate Students

  1. Various registration forms from SUNY Cortland 
  2. Graduate Advisement Manual

Read More: History Careers & Options

  1. Why Study History? (PDF) From SUNY Cortland's History Department, this 2-page guide will give you the answer, plus list skills you will hone and additional resources about careers/future options. 
  2. Constance Schulz, Page Putnam Miller, Aaron Marrs, and Kevin Allen, "Careers for Students of History"
  3. Paul B. Sturtevant, "History is Not a Useless Major: Fighting Myths with Data"
  4. Federal government jobs
  5. Museum Jobs - & American Alliance of Museums & Museum Savvy
  6. American Association for State & Local History - AASLH Career Center
  7. National Park Service - Work for Us (U.S. National Park Service) & Internships and Fellowships National Park Service
  8. Public history jobs for undergraduate and graduate students - National Council on Public History
  9. Teacher Certification in New York State from Start to Finish
  10. SUNY Cortland’s Career Services