Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing - SUNY Cortland

Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Miller L.
$row.name Andrea Lachance Dean, School of Education 607-753-5433 School of Education Education Building Room 1239
$row.name Erin Ladoceour Lecturer Health Department
$row.name Cynthia Lake Assoc. Dir, Res Life & Housing, Staff Develop. & Programming 607-753-5414 Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
$row.name James Lake Lecturer Chemistry Department
$row.name Peter Lalla Chief of Police Emeritus
$row.name Peter Lalla Staff Assistant University Police Department
$row.name Jeffrey Lallas Director of Facilities Emeritus
$row.name Timothy Lamey Lecturer Kinesiology Department
$row.name Joel Lamott Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2120 Heating Plant Heating Plant
$row.name Patricia Lane Program Coordinator Liberty Partnerships Program
$row.name Willaim Lane Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology
$row.name Melissa Lang Janitor 753-2037 Custodial Services Whitaker Hall Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Doug Langhans Senior Admissions Advisor 607-753-4800 Admissions Office Miller Building Room 106
$row.name Gary Lansdowne Carpenter 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group facilities operations and services
$row.name Julie LaPlant Secretary 1 607-753-4300 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1164
$row.name David LaRocca Visiting Assistant Professor 607-753-2014 Philosophy Department Old Main 140B
$row.name Juanita Larrabee Assistant Director, Administration 607-753-2214 Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office Brockway Hall Room 216
$row.name Louis Larson Associate Director of Career Services Emeritus
$row.name Karen LaShomb-Miner Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name Anthony Lasnik Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding) Admissions Office
$row.name James Laveroni Lecturer Physical Education Department
$row.name Chad Lawrence Maintenance Supervisor 1 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Jaclyn Lawrence Asst. Dir. of Athletics for Events, Marketing, & Development Athletics Department Park Center
$row.name Kathleen Lawrence Associate Professor 607-753-4113 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room 125i
$row.name John Leary Associate Professor Emeritus of Health
$row.name Richard Lee Cleaner Custodial Services Student Life Center Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name William Lee Lecturer Communication Studies Department
$row.name Yomee Lee Associate Professor 607-753-5573 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1161
$row.name Mavis Lefever Secretary 1 607-753-2321 Campus Activities and Corey Union Office Corey Union Room 406
$row.name John Leffel Assistant Professor 607-753-2080 English Department Old Main 114-D
$row.name Kelsey Leggett Graduate Assistant Recreational Sports
$row.name Sue Lehr Associate Professor Emerita of Foundations and Social Advocacy
$row.name Ashley Lehtonen Assistant Teacher Child Care Center
$row.name Chloe Leibrick Graduate Assistant Literacy Department
$row.name Wayne Leitch Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2120 Heating Plant Service Group Building Management Systems
$row.name Jerome Leitman Lecturer Physical Education Department
$row.name Michele Lella Secretary 1 607-753-4314 School of Arts And Sciences Old Main Room 125
$row.name Jean LeLoup Professor Emerita of Spanish
$row.name Christine Lemchak Lecturer II 607-753-4882 English Department Old Main Room 113-B
$row.name Julie Lenhart Head Coach, Softball 607-753-5712 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2128
$row.name Loren Leonard Web Operations Specialist 607-753-4343 Systems Administration and Web Services (SAWS) Winchell Hall 203
$row.name Matthew Lessig Professor 607-753-2071 English Department Old Main Room 112-B
$row.name Sheila Lester Project Aide Child Care Center
$row.name Adam Levine Facilities and Geographic Information Systems Manager 607-753-2134 Facilities Operations and Services Service Group
$row.name Arnold Levine Lecturer I Emeritus of Spanish
$row.name Virginia Levine Executive Assistant to the President 607-753-2201 President's Office Miller Building Room 408
$row.name Catherine Lewis
$row.name Debbie Lewis Secretary 1 607-753-2095 Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
$row.name Kelly Lickert-Orr Head Coach, Women's Lacrosse Athletics Department
$row.name Thomas Lickona Professor Emeritus of Childhood/Early Childhood Education
$row.name Connie Lieb FPW Sandwich Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Brockway Hall Hilltop
$row.name Darleen Lieber Secretary 1 607-753-4941 Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department Professional Studies Building Room 2213
$row.name Jordan Lieber FPW Pizza Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig Dining
$row.name Brenda Lillie Housekeeper Custodial Services
$row.name William Limer Caretaker, Brauer Field Station 518-767-9538 Parks Family Outdoor Center Brauer Field Station 560 Old Quarry Road, Selkirk, NY 12158
$row.name Lin Lin Associate Professor 607-753-4234 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Cornish Hall Room 1234
$row.name Erik Lind Associate Professor 607-753-2189 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building 1151
$row.name Kathleen Lind Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$row.name Heather Lindaman Teacher Child Care Center
$row.name Howard Lindh Scenic Designer 607-753-4101 Performing Arts Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 214
$row.name Charlene Lindsey Secretary 1 607-753-2823 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1105
$row.name Cathy Little Dining Room Attendant Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Student Life Center Bistro
$row.name Craig Little Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Sociology
$row.name Phyllis Litzenberger Lecturer 607-758-4170 Literacy Department Cornish Hall Cornish 1318
$row.name Stephen Lizzo Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name John Lombardo Professor 607-753-4223 Psychology Department Old Main Room G-20
$row.name Robert Longway Lecturer Physical Education Department
$row.name Darlene Loope Cleaner 607-753-2127 Custodial Services Dowd Fine Arts Center
$row.name Roseann Lorefice Lecturer Modern Languages Department
$row.name Pamela Lott Associate Professor Emerita of Education
$row.name Shane Lotz Lecturer Biological Sciences Department
$row.name Jonathan Louie Graduate Assistant Recreational Sports
$row.name Patricia Loveless Tutor Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Svc Prog.
$row.name Benjamin Lovett Associate Professor 607-753-2040 Psychology Department Old Main Room B-16B
$row.name Justin Lovich Assistant Professor 607-753-4553 Sport Management Department Professional Studies Building Room 1109
$row.name Helen Low University Police Officer 1 607-753-2112 University Police Department Van Hoesen Hall Room C-17
$row.name Tanya Lowie Cleaner 607-753-2115 Custodial Services Memorial Library B128
$row.name Joan Luckhurst Associate Professor Communication Disorders and Sciences Department
$row.name Joseph Ludewig Publications Editor Emeritus, College Relations and Development
$row.name Elaine Lund Nurse Practitioner 607-753-4811 Student Health Service Van Hoesen Hall Room B-26
$row.name Paula Lundberg Secretary 1 607-753-2519 Marketing Office Brockway Hall Room 207-G
$row.name Paul Luyben Professor Emeritus of Psychology
$row.name James Lynch Grounds Worker Grounds