Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
Rebecca B Nadzadi Rebecca B Nadzadi Director of Student Conduct 607-753-4725 Student Conduct Office
Mechthild Nagel Mechthild Nagel Professor 607-753-2013 Philosophy Department Old Main Room 138-A
Donna Napelitano-Fairbank Donna Napelitano-Fairbank Instructional Support Technician Chemistry Department Bowers Hall Room 1333
Daniel Narsasian Daniel Narsasian Senior Grounds Worker 607-753-2122 Grounds Service Group Facilities Operations and Services
Krista Natale Krista Natale Technology Support Specialist 607-753-2500 The Help Center Memorial Library
Thomas Natale Thomas Natale 607-753-5739 Advancement Information Services Brockway Hall 215I
Richard J. Nauseef Richard J. Nauseef Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2258 Heating Plant Service Group Facility Maintenance
Jordyn A Naylon Jordyn A Naylon Assistant Coach, Track & Field/Cross Country Athletics Department Park Center Room 1212
Mame D Ndiaye Mame D Ndiaye Residence Hall Director
David Neal David Neal Professor 607-753-4565 Performing Arts Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 044
Cyrenius Weagba Nelson Cyrenius Weagba Nelson Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office
Christian Nelson Christian Nelson Assistant Professor 607-753-5440 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 1314
Marie Nelson Marie Nelson Program Aide 607-753-2302 Human Resources Office Miller Building 301
Ricardo Nelson Ricardo Nelson Media Services Technician 607-753-4116 Campus Technology Services Sperry Center Room 322
Teresa Nelson Teresa Nelson Cleaner Custodial Services Service Group Service Group
Justin Matthew Neretich Justin Matthew Neretich Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office
Terencia Netusil Terencia Netusil Tutor 607-753-4706 Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Svc Prog. Van Hoesen Hall Room B-105
Lisa Neville Lisa Neville Lecturer IV 607-753-4854 English Department Old Main Room 117-D
Christine Newcomb Christine Newcomb Database Specialist 607-753-2372 Advancement Information Services Brockway Hall Room 215J
Kristine Newhall Kristine Newhall Assistant Professor 607-753-4357 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1174
Zachariah Newswanger Zachariah Newswanger Associate Vice President for Facilities Management 607-753-5582 Facilities Management Office Whitaker Hall Room 225
Diana Niland Diana Niland Lecturer II 607-753-4588 Physical Education Department Park Center Room 1126
Derek Noffey Derek Noffey Refrigeration Mechanic Heating Plant Service Group Physical Plant
Sean Nolan Sean Nolan Lecturer II 607-753-5670 Physics Department Bowers Hall Room 1106
Reneé Novelli Reneé Novelli Senior Visual Media Specialist 607-753-4876 Marketing Office Brockway Hall 306
Matthew Nuesell Matthew Nuesell Asst Director, Rec Sports, Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs 607-753-5704 Recreational Sports Student Life Center Room 1201-E
Kaamel M. Nuhu Kaamel M. Nuhu Assistant Professor Health Department Moffett Center Room 105
Tina M Nunez Tina M Nunez Instructional Support Specialist Campus Technology Services Sperry Center Room 322
Leann Nye Leann Nye Cleaner Custodial Services Service Group Service Group
Melissa Nye Melissa Nye Cleaner Custodial Services Service Group Service Group