Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing - SUNY Cortland

Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Vincent Fadale Assistant Director of Counseling Emeritus
$row.name Misty Fairbanks FPW - Floater Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Dragon's Court
$row.name Wendy Fairchild Secretary 2 607-753-5942 Information Resources Miller Building Room 206
$row.name Angelia Faith Administrative Assistant Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Exec Office
$row.name Philip Falso Bus Driver Transportation Services
$row.name Hongli Fan Associate Professor 607-753-2017 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 225-G
$row.name Kuang-Huan Fan Professor Emeritus of Political Science
$row.name Jeannette Fanelli Lecturer History Department Old Main 211F
$row.name Dominick Fantacone Master Teacher Program Coordinator 607-753-4704 School of Education Cornish Hall Room 1314-A
$row.name Dennis Farnsworth Coordinator of Teacher Education Emeritus
$row.name William Farron Grounds Worker 607-753-2100 Grounds Service Group
$row.name Evan Faulkenbury Assistant Professor History Department Old Main 214-D
$row.name John Fauth Professor Emeritus of Geology
$row.name Ted Fay Professor 607-753-5537 Sport Management Department Professional Studies Building Room 1117
$row.name Shayne Fedorka Network Technician 607-753-4866 Networking and Telecommunications Services Old Main B05
$row.name George Feissner Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
$row.name Jose Feliciano Associate Director, Admissions 607-753-4711 Admissions Office Miller Building Room 115
$row.name Rafael Felix Security Services Aide Transportation Services
$row.name Miranda Fergus Assistant Coach, Swimming Athletics Department
$row.name Adam Ferguson Instructional Support Assistant Modern Languages Department
$row.name Melinda Ferguson Secretary 1 607-753-2101/2508 Facilities Operations and Services Service Group Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Natasha Ferguson Lecturer Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department
$row.name Julio Fernandez Professor Emeritus of Political Science
$row.name Richard Fey Caretaker, Camp Huntington 315-354-4784 Parks Family Outdoor Center Parks Family Ctr Raquette Lake
$row.name Ryan Fiddler Assistant Professor 607-753-4570 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building 1171
$row.name Allison Field Graduate Assistant Communication Disorders and Sciences Department
$row.name Barbara Field Cleaner 753-2102 Custodial Services Cheney Hall facilitiesoperationsandservices
$row.name Paul Fields Assistant Coach, Wrestling Athletics Department
$row.name Richard Filighera Head Coach, Women's Ice Hockey Athletics Department
$row.name Benjamin Finton Motor Vehicle Operator 607-753-2505 Mail Services/Central Warehouse Commissary/Receiving
$row.name Judi Firlik Senior Programmer/Analyst 607-753-5543 Administrative Computing Services Winchell Hall Room 106-B
$row.name Kerry Fischer Visiting Assistant Professor 607-753-4639 Sport Management Department Professional Studies Building 1124
$row.name Patty Fisk Cleaner Custodial Services Shea Hall Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Andrew Fitz-Gibbon Professor 607-753-2016 Philosophy Department Old Main Room 140-A
$row.name James FitzGerald Coordinator for Circulation Help 607-753-2790 Library Memorial Library Room B-105
$row.name Joseph Fitzgerald Accountant Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig Acct Office
$row.name Terrence Fitzgerald Distinguished Professor 607-753-2719 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 246
$row.name William Fluger FPW - Grill Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$row.name John Foley Professor 607-753-5531 Physical Education Department Park Center Room 1125
$row.name Marion Foley Lecturer Physical Education Department
$row.name Samuel Forcucci Professor Emeritus of Music
$row.name Steven Ford Janitor Custodial Services Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name D Forshee Lecturer Sport Management Department
$row.name Robyn Forster Senior Counselor & Coordinator, Substance Abuse & Education 607-753-2066 Counseling and Student Development Center Van Hoesen Hall Room B-1
$row.name Daron Foster Refrigeration Mechanic 607-753-2509 Heating Plant Service Group
$row.name Linda Foster Coordinator, Field Placement 607-753-2830 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1105
$row.name Lori Foster Secretary 1 607-753-4307 English Department Old Main English Department
$row.name Erika Fowler-Decatur Director, Art Gallery 607-753-2285 Art and Art History Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Dowd Room 106A
$row.name Melissa Fox Purchasing Assistant 607-753-2305 Purchasing Miller Building Room 309
$row.name Patti Fox Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name Michael Francey Cleaner 753-2108 Custodial Services Randall Hall Facilities Operations & Services
$row.name Raymond Franco Vice President of Student Affairs Emeritus; Vice President for Institutional Advancement Emeritus
$row.name Manuel Frank Lecturer Kinesiology Department
$row.name Thomas Frank Associate Director, Research and Sponsored Programs Research and Sponsored Programs Office
$row.name David Franke Professor 607-753-5945 English Department Old Main Room 115-F
$row.name Gregory Frantz Assistant Coach, Football Athletics Department
$row.name Arlane Frederick Lecturer Mathematics Department
$row.name Carol Freeman Cleaner 607-753-2109 Custodial Services Fitzgerald Hall
$row.name Kerri Freese Lecturer Chemistry Department
$row.name Kerri Freese Senior Administrative Assistant Chemistry Department
$row.name Tracy Frenyea Academic Advisor and Coordinator, Graduate Student Support 607-753-4726 Advisement and Transition Memorial Library Room A-111
$row.name Burton Fritts Janitor 607-753-2225 Custodial Services Shea Hall Facilites Operation and Services
$row.name Stephanie Fritz Project Administrative Officer 607-753-5955 Child Care Center Education Building Child Care Center
$row.name Thomas Fuchs Lecturer IV 607-753-4946 Physical Education Department Park Center Room 2217
$row.name Andrew Funk Instructional Support Technician, Biology 607-753-2722 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 1218
$row.name Billie Furlong Office Assistant 2 (Stores/Mail) 607-753-4332 Mail Services/Central Warehouse Commissary/Receiving Facilities Operations and Services