Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Debra Kabanuk Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name Lisa Kahle Director, Campus Technology Services 607-753-5793 Campus Technology Services Sperry Center Room 324
$row.name Caroline Kaltefleiter Professor 607-753-4203 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room 125-H
$row.name James Kane Painter Maintenance
$row.name Nancy Kane Lecturer Performing Arts Department
$row.name Carol Kanellis Secretary 1 607-753-4309 Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) Van Hoesen Hall Room B-205
$row.name David Karam Lecturer Psychology Department
$row.name Nikolay Karkov Assistant Professor Philosophy Department
$row.name Richard Karpenko Associate College Registrar 607-753-4702 Registrar's Office Miller Building Room 223
$row.name Virginia Karpenko Secretary 1 607-753-2511 Research and Sponsored Programs Office Miller Building Room 402
$row.name Colleen Kattau Associate Professor 607-753-2025 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 227-C
$row.name Maurice Kearney Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball Athletics Department Park Center
$row.name Douglas Keating Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$row.name Andrew Keegan General Mechanic 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
$row.name Andrew Keegan Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name John Kehn Bus Driver Transportation Services Service Group
$row.name Bruce Kellett Project Coordinator 607-753-5562 Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office Brockway Hall Room 216
$row.name Samuel Kelley Distinguished Service Professor 607-753-4104 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room B-125A
$row.name Michael Kelly Assistant Coach, Cross Country Athletics Department
$row.name Thomas Kelly Professor Emeritus of English
$row.name Michelle Kelly-Buxton Associate Professor 607-753-5524 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1229
$row.name J. Kendrick Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology and Director of the Institute of Civic Engagement
$row.name J. Richard Kendrick Professor Sociology/Anthropology Department Moffett Center
$row.name Devereaux Kennedy Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology
$row.name Mary Kennedy Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita of English
$row.name Wanda Kent Assistant Professor 607-753-2378 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building
$row.name Nabila Khazzaka Secretary II Research Foundation Brockway Hall Room 207-A
$row.name Lorraine Khouri Associate Professor Emerita of Physical Education
$row.name Wilma Kile Janitor Custodial Services
$row.name David Kilpatrick Assistant Professor 607-753-2041 Psychology Department Old Main Room 133-C
$row.name Ji-Ryun Kim Associate Professor 607-753-4632 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1230
$row.name Melvyn King Associate Professor 607-753-4215 Psychology Department Old Main Room 133-D
$row.name Judith Kinne Lecturer IV Emerita of Economics
$row.name Tracy Kinner Secretary to the Provost 607-753-2207 Division of Academic Affairs Miller Building Room 408
$row.name Mary Kinsella Associate Professor Emerita of Educational Leadership
$row.name Donald Kirkendall Professor Emeritus of Exercise Science and Sport Studies
$row.name Barbara Kissel Faculty Senate Secretary 607-753-5497 Faculty Senate Office Moffett Center Room B 13-E
$row.name Kent Klanderman Associate Professor Emeritus of Physics
$row.name Beth Klein Professor 607-753-5682 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Cornish Hall Room 1314
$row.name Dolores Kleinberg Associate Professor Emerita of Education
$row.name Ryan Kleveno Motor Equipment Mechanic 607-753-2489 Motor Pool Service Group Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Sandra Kline Clerk 1 607-753-4800 Admissions Office Miller Building Room 106
$row.name Laurie Klotz Database Application and Web Developer Emerita, Administrative Computing Services
$row.name R. Lawrence Klotz Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2709 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 327
$row.name George Knarich FPW Floater Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Student Life Center Bistro
$row.name Julie Knerr Assistant Coach, Women's Ice Hockey Athletics Department
$row.name K. Michael Kniffin Associate Professor 607-753-4967 Physical Education Department Park Center Room 2129
$row.name Denise Knight Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2075 English Department Old Main Room 115-D
$row.name Debbie Kobritz Keyboard Specialist 1 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department
$row.name Jordan Kobritz Professor 607-753-2196 Sport Management Department Professional Studies Building Room 1110
$row.name John Kocak Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2120 Heating Plant
$row.name Thomas "TK" Koesterer Athletic Training Program Director 607-753-5443 Kinesiology Department Park Center Room 1411
$row.name Irina Kolesnik Lecturer
$row.name Keith Kollar Electrician 607-753 2100 Maintenance Service Group
$row.name Justin Kompf Laborer Maintenance
$row.name Kassim Kone Associate Professor 607-753-5748 Sociology/Anthropology Department Moffett Center Room 2107
$row.name Elsie Konikoff Graduate Assistant Athletics Department
$row.name John Konowitz Lecturer Emeritus of Physical Education
$row.name Peter Koryzno Director of Public Relations Emeritus
$row.name Candyce Kotowski FPW - Floater Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Student Life Center Bistro
$row.name Bess Koval Professor Emerita of Physical Education
$row.name Libby Kowalski Professor Emerita of Art and Art History
$row.name John Kozlowski Facilities Program Coordinator Emeritus
$row.name Kimberly Kraebel Professor 607-753-2045 Psychology Department Old Main Room 133-C
$row.name Lisi Krall Professor 607-753-2438 Economics Department Old Main Room B15 C
$row.name Kathryn Kramer Professor 607-753-4100 Art and Art History Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 224C
$row.name David Kreh Associate Librarian Emeritus
$row.name Kevin Kreiner Lecturer History Department
$row.name Jennifer Kronenbitter Associate Director, Libraries 607-753-2221 Library Memorial Library Room B-212A
$row.name Richard Kroot Associate Professor Emeritus of Education
$row.name Emilie Kudela Associate Professor 607-753-5525 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Cornish Hall Room 1208
$row.name Anita Kuiken Senior Assistant Librarian 607-753-4983 Library Memorial Library B-209
$row.name Nancy Kuklis Secretary 1 607-753-2335 Admissions Office Miller Building Room 106
$row.name Betsy Kulis Data Entry Specialist Research Foundation Van Hoesen Hall B-105
$row.name Elaine Kuo Lecturer Chemistry Department
$row.name Christopher Kuretich Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs 607-753-4721 Division of Student Affairs Corey Union Room 407-A