Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing - SUNY Cortland

Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Sherry Tacktill Research Foundation Cornish Hall 1312
$row.name Julie Taibi Keyboard Specialist 2 607-753-4723 Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
$row.name Arnold Talentino Professor Emeritus of English
$row.name Brenda Tario Supervisor-Dining Services Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Dunkin Donuts
$row.name Frederick Taube Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
$row.name Anthony Taylor Professor Emeritus of Psychology
$row.name Irmgard Taylor Professor Emerita of German, International Communications and Culture
$row.name Judson Taylor President of the College Emeritus
$row.name Mark Taylor Supervising Janitor 607-753-2118 Custodial Services Clark Hall Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Codruta Temple Associate Professor 607-753-2022 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 228-B
$row.name Abby Thomas Director, Advisement and Transition 607-753-4726 Advisement and Transition Memorial Library Room A-111
$row.name Casey Thomas Locksmith 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
$row.name Christine Thomas Library Clerk 2 Library
$row.name Darrell Thomas Manager - Catering Services Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Banquet & Hospitality
$row.name Daryn Thomas Maintenance Helper Maintenance
$row.name Candice Thornton Food Preparation Worker - Grill Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$row.name Candice Thornton Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name Robin Thornton Food Preparation Worker - Grill Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Brockway Hall Hilltop
$row.name Scott Thornton Bus Driver Transportation Services
$row.name Angela Thurlow Associate Director of Admissions Emerita
$row.name Antoinette Tiburzi Associate Provost of Enrollment Management Emerita; Professor Emerita of Physical Education
$row.name Angelika Tierney Cashier Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$row.name Maria Timberlake Assistant Professor 607-753-5937 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1227
$row.name Michael Timmerman Maintenance Helper Maintenance
$row.name JoAnna Tobias Secretary 1 607-753-4107/2727 Geography Department Old Main Room 138
$row.name Brian Tobin Head Coach, Swimming and Diving 607-753-5709 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2125
$row.name Sharon Todd Professor 607-753-4941 Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department Professional Studies Building Room 2213-A
$row.name Jill Toftegaard Lecturer (12 Month) 607-753-2213 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building 2205
$row.name Michael Toglia Professor Emeritus of Psychology
$row.name William Tomik Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
$row.name Gail Tooker Associate Professor Emerita of Childhood/Early Childhood Education
$row.name Barbara Toomey Clerk 2 607-753-5796 Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
$row.name David Toor Professor Emeritus of English
$row.name Julio Torres Santana Assistant Project Coordinator Facilities Planning, Design and Construction Office
$row.name Mary Toti Technology Support Specialist 607-753-4867 Campus Technology Services Old Main Room B-08
$row.name Michaela Tracy Maintenance Helper Maintenance
$row.name Stuart Traub Professor Emeritus of Sociology
$row.name Stuart Traub Professor Emeritus Sociology/Anthropology Department
$row.name Colleen Trinkle Cleaner 607-753-2115 Custodial Services Memorial Library Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Dorothy Troike Professor Emerita of Literacy
$row.name Katherine Trotter Lecturer Psychology Department
$row.name Brett Troyan Professor 607-753-2062 History Department Old Main Room 211-C
$row.name Larissa True Assistant Professor 607-753-4562 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building 1173
$row.name Christopher Tucker Property Control Officer 607-753-2488 Purchasing Miller Building Room 310
$row.name Jillian Tucker Assistant Director of Admissions 607-753-4711 Admissions Office Miller Building Room 119
$row.name Sharon Tucker Secretary 1 607-753-2811 Performing Arts Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 216
$row.name Andre Turco Cleaner 607-753-4959 Custodial Services Park Center Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Shirley Tutino Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding) Registrar's Office
$row.name Heather Tuttle Teacher Research Foundation Education Building Room 1000
$row.name Michael Twining Supervisor Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC)
$row.name Aaron Twiss Receiver/Wait Staff Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Banquet & Hospitality