Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Jerome O'Callaghan Associate Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 607-753-4314 School of Arts And Sciences Old Main Room 125
$row.name Pamela O'Connell Associate Professor Emerita of Speech Pathology and Audiology
$row.name Annette O'Hara Marketing Manager Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Winchell Hall Executive Office
$row.name Marcia O'Loughlin Secretary 2 607-753-2829 School of Professional Studies Professional Studies Building Room 1175D
$row.name Thomas O'Loughlin Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
$row.name Debra O'Mara Janitor 607-753-2113 Custodial Services Hayes Hall Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Coni O'Shea Keyboard Specialist 2 607-753-4711 Admissions Office Miller Building Room 114
$row.name Eamon O'Shea Director, Campus Security Systems 607-753-2343 University Police Department Whitaker Hall 102
$row.name Janet Ochs Computer Applications Program Faculty 607-753-4029 Library Memorial Library Room B-209
$row.name Michie Odle Associate Professor 607-753-4224 Psychology Department Old Main Room 133-B
$row.name Maaike Oldemans Technical Services Librarian 607-753-2227 Library
$row.name Jennifer Olin University Police Officer 1 607-753-2112 University Police Department Whitaker Hall 110
$row.name Patricia Ondrako Secretary 1 607-753-2715 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 241
$row.name Joseph Onello Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus of Physics
$row.name Robert Orphan Janitor 607-753-2107 Custodial Services Moffett Center 122
$row.name Christopher Ortega Assistant Professor 607-753-4201 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room B-117
$row.name Kimberly Osovski Assistant Coach, Softball Athletics Department
$row.name Judith, Ph.D. Ouellette Associate Professor 607-753-2043 Psychology Department Old Main Room 109