Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Bernard Earley Lecturer II Emeritus of English
$row.name Janice Eaton Secretary 1 (607) 753-2447 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1213
$row.name Leslie Eaton Associate Professor (607) 753-2079 (office), (607) 753-5437 (lab) Psychology Department McDonald Building Room 107 (office), Room 101 (lab)
$row.name Anya Eckhardt Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse Athletics Department
$row.name Ester Edelman Senior Counselor 607-753-4728 Counseling and Student Development Center Van Hoesen Hall Room B-44
$row.name Nichole Edwards Assistant Manager- Dining Services Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Dragon's Court
$row.name Jeanne Ehmann Assistant Professor Emerita of Education
$row.name Lisa El Mesbahi Assistant Teacher Research Foundation Education Building Room 1000
$row.name Bonnie Eldred-Kress Calculations Clerk 2 607-753-2827 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2101
$row.name Fran Elia Director, Sports Information 607-753-5673 Sports Information Office Brockway Hall Room 207-J
$row.name C. Ashley Ellefson
$row.name Florence Elliott Supervisor-Dining Services Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Raquette Pizza
$row.name Lori Ellis Associate Professor 607-753-4321 Art and Art History Department Dowd Fine Arts Center Room 3
$row.name Mark Ellis Food Prep Worker - Salads Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$row.name Patricia Ellis Bookstore Clerk Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall College Store
$row.name Sherry Ellis Library Clerk 3 607-753-2500 Library Memorial Library THC Circ Help
$row.name Karl Elsner Senior Staff Assistant of Facilities Planning and Construction Emeritus
$row.name Moataz Emam Associate Professor 607-753-2914 Physics Department Bowers Hall Room 1108
$row.name Timothy Emerson Lecturer I (607) 753-4783 (but please use e-mail instead) English Department Old Main Room 114-F
$row.name Mary Emm Lecturer IV 607-758-5035 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building Room 2228
$row.name Robert Emmett Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer Athletics Department
$row.name William Epp Baker Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Commissary Receiving Bakery
$row.name Nicholas Esposito Professor Emeritus of Psychology
$row.name Anna Evangelista Teacher Research Foundation Education Building Room 1000
$row.name Francis Evangelista Electrician 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
$row.name Marianne Evangelista Secretary 2 607-753-5433 School of Education Education Building Room 1239
$row.name Dalamar Evans Food Preparation Worker / Cashier Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Corey Union Raquette Pizza
$row.name Gary Evans Associate Director, Human Resources 607-753-2302 Human Resources Office Miller Building Room 301
$row.name Kayla Evans Laborer Maintenance