Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
Eric Rabusin Eric Rabusin University Police Officer 2 607-753-2114 University Police Department Whitaker Hall Room 123
Daniel Matthew Radus Daniel Matthew Radus Assistant Professor English Department
Sekar Ramachandran Sekar Ramachandran Adjunct Lecturer Chemistry Department
Tracy Rammacher Tracy Rammacher Director of Marketing 607-753-2519 Marketing Office Brockway Hall Room 209
Robert E Ramsden Robert E Ramsden Lecturer Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department
Julie Randall Julie Randall Secretary 1 607-753-4953 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2101
Vaughn Randall Vaughn Randall Associate Professor 607-753-4317 Art and Art History Department Old Main Room G-34A
Mark Randolph Mark Randolph Plumber & Steamfitter Trainee I Maintenance
Patricia Randolph Patricia Randolph Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding) 607-753-2824 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1105
Shirley J Randolph Shirley J Randolph Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding) College and Student Accounting Services
Richard S Rapp Richard S Rapp Lecturer Communication Studies Department
Eric Rawson Eric Rawson Janitor 607-753-4333 Custodial Services Service Group
Jeremiah Rawson Jeremiah Rawson Maintenance Supervisor 3 607-753-2151 Maintenance Service Group
Susan Rayl Susan Rayl Associate Professor 607-753-5457 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1153
Joseph Rayle Joseph Rayle Associate Professor 607-753-5951 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1225
Mary E. Reagan Mary E. Reagan Director of Field Experiences and School Partnerships 607-753-4359 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1105
John Paul Reagan John Paul Reagan Assistant Coach, men's Basketball Athletics Department
James F Reardon James F Reardon Adjunct Lecturer English Department
Jonah Reardon Jonah Reardon Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement 607-753-2244 Alumni Engagement Brockway Hall 207-F
Malinda M Rees Malinda M Rees Lecturer Health Department
John W Reif John W Reif Lecturer Mathematics Department
Kathleen Reilly Kathleen Reilly Residence Hall Director 607-753-4724 Residence Life and Housing Office Van Hoesen Hall Room B-33
Kyle Reinhardt Kyle Reinhardt Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office
Mary L Reisweber Mary L Reisweber Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid Office
Edward J Reutemann Edward J Reutemann Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer Athletics Department
Vicki J Reutter Vicki J Reutter Lecturer Literacy Department
Mark S Reynolds Mark S Reynolds Costumer Performing Arts Department
Veronica Ribot-Canales Veronica Ribot-Canales Yoga Instructor Recreational Sports
Mariah D Riccardi Mariah D Riccardi Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding) Performing Arts Department
Ronald Riccardi Ronald Riccardi Plumber and Steamfitter 607-753-2116 Maintenance Casey Tower
Joel Rice Joel Rice Highway Equipment Operator 607-753-2122 Grounds Service Group
David Richards David Richards Lecturer Political Science Department
Diane M Richards Diane M Richards Lecturer Literacy Department
Brian Richardson Brian Richardson Lecturer IV 607-753-5501 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1172
Darleen Richardson Darleen Richardson Office Assistant 2 (Calculations) 607-753-2423 Research and Sponsored Programs Office Miller Building Room 330
Jacob D Richter Jacob D Richter Adjunct Lecturer English Department
Wayne A Riek Wayne A Riek Cleaner Custodial Services
Denise M Riley Denise M Riley Office Assistant 1 (Keyboarding) Economics Department
Michael Riley Michael Riley Cleaner Custodial Services
Gemma Rinefierd Gemma Rinefierd Director, Student Conduct 607-753-4725 Student Conduct Office Corey Union 409B
John Riotto John Riotto Maintenance Assistant Maintenance
Dale Ripic Dale Ripic Janitor 607-753-2103 Custodial Services Van Hoesen Hall
Teresa Ripley Teresa Ripley Secretary 1 607-753-5582 Facilities Management Office
Ute Ritz-Deutch Ute Ritz-Deutch Lecturer 607-753-2918 History Department Old Main B 18-A
Jolie Roat Jolie Roat Assistant Professor 607-753-5624 Mathematics Department Moffett Center Room 120
Sabrina Roberts Sabrina Roberts Cheerleading Club, Head Coach Recreational Sports
Kelley Robertson Kelley Robertson Tutor 607-753-4706 Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Svc Prog. Van Hoesen Hall Room B-105
Sheryl Robertson Sheryl Robertson Janitor 607-753-2324 Custodial Services Brockway Hall
Terrie Robinson Terrie Robinson Lecturer Performing Arts Department
Andrea Robinson-Kuretich Andrea Robinson-Kuretich Assistant Registrar 607-753-4702 Registrar's Office Miller Building Room 223
Michael J Roddy Michael J Roddy Adjunct Lecturer Performing Arts Department
Andrew Roden Andrew Roden Assistant Coach, Wrestling Athletics Department
Carlton Rodman Carlton Rodman Janitor 607-753-2132 Custodial Services DeGroat Hall Facilities Operations and Services
Andrew Roering Andrew Roering Assistant Professor 607-753-2283 Chemistry Department Bowers Hall 1305
Deborah Rogers Deborah Rogers Lecturer I 607-753-4204 English Department Old Main Room 114-A
Graeme Rohn Graeme Rohn Lecturer Physics Department
Patricia Roiger Patricia Roiger Lecturer IV 607-753-5479 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Cornish Hall Room 1237
Steven Rolfe Steven Rolfe University Police Officer 1 607-753-2112 University Police Department Whitaker Hall Room 110
Kimberly Rombach Kimberly Rombach Associate Professor 607-753-2706 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Education Building Room 1241
Bethany Romesser Bethany Romesser Adjunct Lecturer Kinesiology Department
Carrie E.  Rood Carrie E. Rood Assistant Professor 607-753-2219 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall 1231
Joan Root Joan Root Cleaner 607-753-2102 Custodial Services Cheney Hall facilitiesoperationsandservices
Rosemary Root Rosemary Root Cleaner 607-753-4720 Custodial Services Bowers Hall
Susan Root Susan Root Cleaner Custodial Services
Jeanine Rose Jeanine Rose Academic Tutor 607-753-4309 Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) Van Hoesen Hall Room B-205
Linda Rosekrans Linda Rosekrans Lecturer IV 607-753-4886 English Department Old Main Room 113-E
Lewis Rosengarten Lewis Rosengarten Director, EOP 607-753-4808 Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Cornish Hall Room D-132
Phyllis A Rosenthal Phyllis A Rosenthal Lecturer Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department
Gregory Roskos Gregory Roskos Assistant Coach, Football 607-753-5539 Athletics Department Park Center Room 1123
Sharon A Ross Sharon A Ross Lecturer Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department
Francis (Frank) M. Rossi Francis (Frank) M. Rossi Associate Professor 607-753-5580 Chemistry Department Bowers Hall 1311
Clifford Roth Clifford Roth Lecturer Communication Studies Department
Michaela Rotunda-McCarty Michaela Rotunda-McCarty Campus Public Safety Officer 607-753-2112 University Police Department Whitaker Hall Room 110
Martin Rounds Martin Rounds Office Assistant 1 (Stores/Mail) Mail Services/Central Warehouse
Robert Rounseville Robert Rounseville Electrician Maintenance
Stacy Rundell Stacy Rundell Supervising Janitor 607-753-2127 Custodial Services Dowd Fine Arts Center Room B-053
Hailey M. Ruoff Hailey M. Ruoff Associate Director, The Help Center 607-753-2231 The Help Center Memorial Library Room B-113
Raymond Ruppert Raymond Ruppert Senior Programmer/Analyst 607-753-5515 Administrative Computing Services Winchell Hall Room 106E
Amy Gernon Russell Amy Gernon Russell Academic Tutor 607-753-2736 Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP)
Kevin J Rutherford Kevin J Rutherford Assistant Professor 607-753-4383 English Department Old Main Room 114-E
Calvin Ruthven Calvin Ruthven 607-753-5729 Career Services Van Hoesen Hall Room B-4
Jacqueline Ryan Jacqueline Ryan Cleaner 6077534720 Custodial Services Bowers Hall
Kylie Ryan Kylie Ryan Assistant Coach, Track and Field Athletics Department
Michelle Ryan Michelle Ryan Cleaner 607-753-2115 Custodial Services Memorial Library B128
Corey D Ryon Corey D Ryon Lecturer I 607-753-2978 Health Department Moffett Center Room 119-B