Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$row.name Eric Rabusin University Police Officer 2 607-753-2114 University Police Department Van Hoesen Hall Room C-17
$row.name Leonard Ralston Professor Emeritus of History
$row.name Tracy Rammacher Director, Publications and Electronic Media 607-753-2519 Publications and Electronic Media Office Brockway Hall Room 209
$row.name Julie Randall Secretary 1 607-753-4953 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2101
$row.name Vaughn Randall Associate Professor 607-753-4317 Art and Art History Department Old Main Room G-34A
$row.name Lisa Randolph Assistant Director, Career Services 607-753-4715 Career Services Van Hoesen Hall Room B-7
$row.name Mark Randolph Maintenance Assistant Maintenance
$row.name Patricia Randolph Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-2824 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1106
$row.name Shirley Randolph Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-2313 Student Accounts Office Miller Building Room 323
$row.name Eric Rawson Janitor 607-753-4333 Custodial Services Service Group
$row.name Jane Rawson Cleaner 607-753-2126 Custodial Services Alger Hall
$row.name Jeremiah Rawson Supervising Electrician 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
$row.name Susan Rayl Associate Professor 607-753-5457 Kinesiology Department Room 1153
$row.name Joseph Rayle Associate Professor 607-753-5951 Foundations and Social Advocacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1225
$row.name Mary Reagan Director of Field Experiences and School Partnerships 607-753-4359 Field Experience and School Partnerships Office Education Building Room 1105
$row.name Jonah Reardon Residence Hall Director Residence Life and Housing Office
$row.name Ashley Reed Instructional Support Assistant International Programs Office
$row.name John Reif Lecturer Mathematics Department
$row.name Noelle Relles Lecturer Biological Sciences Department
$row.name Thomas Rendsland FPW Sandwich Cashier Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Old Main Dragon's Den
$row.name Edward Reutemann Recruiter Athletics Department
$row.name Vicki Reutter Lecturer Literacy Department
$row.name Erika Rexford Cleaner 607-753-5935 Custodial Services Clark Hall Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Greg Reynolds General Utility Worker Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Student Life Center Bistro
$row.name John Reynolds University Police Officer 2 607-753-5612 University Police Department Van Hoesen Hall Room C-17
$row.name Mark Reynolds Instructional Support Assistant Performing Arts Department
$row.name Robert Rhodes Professor Emeritus of Anglo-Irish Literature
$row.name Ronald Riccardi Plumber and Steamfitter 607-753-2116 Maintenance Casey Tower
$row.name Joel Rice Highway Equipment Operator 607-753-2122 Grounds Service Group
$row.name David Richards Lecturer Political Science Department
$row.name Diane Richards Lecturer Literacy Department
$row.name Brian Richardson Lecturer IV 607-753-5501 Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building Room 1172
$row.name Darleen Richardson Calculations Clerk 2 607-753-2423 Business Office Miller Building Room 330
$row.name Margaret Richardson Assistant Professor Emerita of Childhood/Early Childhood Education
$row.name Denise Riley Secretary 1 607-753-4109 Economics Department Old Main Room 136
$row.name Gemma Rinefierd Director, Student Conduct Student Conduct Office
$row.name John Riotto Maintenance Assistant Maintenance
$row.name Teresa Ripley Secretary 1 607-753-5582 Facilities Management Office
$row.name Ute Ritz-Deutch Lecturer History Department
$row.name Brian Rivest Professor 607-753-2712 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 232B
$row.name Jolie Roat Associate Professor Mathematics Department
$row.name Robert Robbins Maintenance Helper Maintenance
$row.name A. Lee Roberts Director of Athletics Emeritus
$row.name Sheryl Robertson Janitor 607-753-2324 Custodial Services Brockway Hall
$row.name Christine Robinson FPW Salad Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Brockway Hall Hilltop
$row.name Terrie Robinson Lecturer Performing Arts Department
$row.name Andrea Robinson-Kuretich Financial Aid Advisor 607-753-4717 Financial Aid Office Miller Building Room 205
$row.name Alexis Robles Maintenance Helper Maintenance
$row.name William Roche Associate Professor 607-753-2697 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building Room 2225
$row.name Carlton Rodman Janitor 607-753-4305 Custodial Services Corey Union Facilities Operations and Services
$row.name Andrew Roering Assistant Professor 607-753-2283 Chemistry Department Bowers Hall 1305
$row.name Deborah Rogers Lecturer I 607-753-4204 English Department Old Main Room 114-A
$row.name Graeme Rohn Lecturer Physics Department
$row.name Patricia Roiger Lecturer IV 607-753-5479 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Cornish Hall Room 1237
$row.name Steven Rolfe University Police Officer 1 607-753-2112 University Police Department Van Hoesen Hall Room C-17
$row.name Kimberly Rombach Associate Professor 607-753-2706 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Education Building Room 1241
$row.name Jorge Romeu Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
$row.name Carrie Rood Assistant Professor Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$row.name Joan Root Cleaner 607-753-2102 Custodial Services Cheney Hall facilitiesoperationsandservices
$row.name Neeca Root Administrative Aide 607-753-4725 Student Conduct Office Corey Union Room 409-B
$row.name Rosemary Root Cleaner 607-753-4720 Custodial Services Bowers Hall
$row.name Susan Root Cleaner Custodial Services
$row.name Jeanine Rose Academic Tutor 607-753-4309 Academic Support and Achievement Program (ASAP) Van Hoesen Hall Room B-205
$row.name Linda Rosekrans Lecturer IV 607-753-4886 English Department Old Main Room 113-E
$row.name Rita Rosenberg-Barber
$row.name Lewis Rosengarten Director, EOP 607-753-4808 Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) Cornish Hall Room D-132
$row.name Gregory Roskos Assistant Coach, Football 607-753-5539 Athletics Department Park Center Room 1123
$row.name Sharon Ross Lecturer Emerita of Education
$row.name Francis (Frank) Rossi Associate Professor 607-753-5580 Chemistry Department Bowers Hall 1311
$row.name Martin Rounds Office Assistant 1 (Stores/Mail) Mail Services/Central Warehouse
$row.name Robert Rounseville Electrician Maintenance
$row.name Kari Rowser FPW Salad Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Student Life Center Bistro
$row.name Mahdi Rubaii Associate Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
$row.name Robert Rubendall Director, Parks Family Outdoor Center 315-354-4784 Parks Family Outdoor Center Miller Building Room 230
$row.name Stacy Rundell Supervising Janitor 607-753-2127 Custodial Services Dowd Fine Arts Center Room B-053
$row.name Hailey Ruoff Associate Director, The Help Center 607-753-2231 The Help Center Memorial Library Room B-113
$row.name Raymond Ruppert Senior Programmer/Analyst 607-753-5515 Administrative Computing Services Winchell Hall Room 106E
$row.name Kathryn Russell Professor Emerita of Philosophy
$row.name Tina Russell Internal Audit Clerk Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Accounting Office
$row.name Kevin Rutherford Assistant Professor English Department
$row.name Calvin Ruthven Coordinator, Student Employment Services 607-753-5729 Career Services Van Hoesen Hall Room B-4
$row.name Michelle Ryan Cleaner 607-753-2115 Custodial Services Memorial Library B128
$row.name Corey Ryon Lecturer I 607-753-2978 Health Department Moffett Center Room 119-B