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Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$ Pierre Gagnon Executive Director Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Winchell Hall Executive Office
$ Beth Gailor Assistant Scene Painter Performing Arts Department
$ Jeanne Galbraith Assistant Professor 607-753-2443 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Cornish Hall Room 1212
$ Karen Gallagher Director, Financial Aid 607-753-4717 Financial Aid Office Miller Building Room 205
$ Bennett Gallow Maintenance Assistant Maintenance
$ Dennis Gallow Highway Equipment Operator 607-753-2122 Grounds Service Group
$ Kathryn Gallup Senior Counselor 607-753-4728 Counseling and Student Development Center Van Hoesen Hall Room B-44
$ Diane Galutz Senior Programmer/Analyst Emerita, Administrative Computing Services
$ Dianne Galutz Senior Programmer/Analyst Information Resources
$ Cindy Gardner Cleaner Custodial Services Corey Union
$ Patricia Garrighan Lecturer 607-753-5512 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall
$ Douglas Garrison Associate Dean of Education Emeritus
$ Amy Garside Residence Hall Director 607-753-4158 Residence Life and Housing Office Shea Hall Residence Life and Housing
$ Christopher Gascon Professor 607-753-2024 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 225-E
$ Laura Gathagan Assistant Professor 607-753-5622 History Department Old Main Room 210-D
$ Louis Gatto Professor 607-753-2720 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 232-C
$ Kathleen Gauthier Keyboard Specialist 2 607-753-2144 Mail Services/Central Warehouse Commissary Receiving
$ Nicholas Gavrielides Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology
$ Ann Gebhard Professor Emerita of English
$ Louis Gebhard Professor Emeritus of History
$ Gonda Gebhardt Assistant Director, International Programs 607-753-2209 International Programs Office Old Main Room 219
$ Michael Geiss Senior Network Technician 607-753-4564 Networking and Telecommunications Services Old Main B05
$ Carie George Lecturer I 607-753-2911 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 313
$ Timothy Gerhard Associate Professor 607-753-2021 Modern Languages Department Old Main Room 228-B
$ Adam Gerritsen Lecturer 607-753-2902 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall 227
$ Jeannine Gettis Yoga Instructor Recreational Sports
$ Mary Gfeller Associate Professor 607-753-2972 Mathematics Department Moffett Center Room 131
$ Marion Giambattista Lecturer Performing Arts Department
$ Michelina Gibbons Career Resources Specialist 607-753-4715 Career Services Van Hoesen Hall Room B-5
$ Joseph Gibbs Cook Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$ Jennifer Gibson Assistant Librarian Library Memorial Library
$ Scott Gilbertson Technology Support Specialist Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Ancillary Services
$ Eileen Gilroy Lecturer (12 Month) 607-753-2274 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department
$ Diane Giorgi Lecturer History Department
$ Myra Giorgi Scenic Designer Performing Arts Department
$ Paula Giroux Nurse Practitioner 607-753-4811 Student Health Service Van Hoesen Hall Room B-26
$ Gayle Gleason Associate Professor 607-753-2816 Geology Department Bowers Hall Room 325
$ Jason Gleason General Mechanic Maintenance
$ Betty Glover Dishwasher Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig
$ Deborah Godinger Lecturer Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department
$ Billie Goff Senior Counselor Counseling and Student Development Center
$ Billie Jean Goff Associate Director of Counseling and Student Development Emerita
$ Gretchen Gogan Secretary 1 607-753-2221 Library Memorial Library
$ Lee Gokey Plumber and Steamfitter Maintenance
$ Raymond Goldberg Professor Emeritus of Health
$ Joyce Golden Lecturer Mathematics Department
$ Lauren Goldmann Lecturer Biological Sciences Department
$ Ute Gomez Coordinator, Student Disability Services 607-753-2066 Counseling and Student Development Center Van Hoesen Hall Room B-1
$ Alexander Gonzalez Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2070 English Department Old Main Room 117-B
$ Michele Gonzalez Associate Professor 607-753-2445 Literacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1303
$ Marina Gorelaya Instructional Support Assistant Performing Arts Department
$ Brenda Gorman Secretary 1 607-753-2252 Student Health Service Van Hoesen Hall Room B-25
$ Kevin Gorman Assistant Coach, Football Athletics Department
$ Joseph Governali Professor Emeritus of Health
$ Timothy Gowe Motor Equipment Maintenance Supervisor 1 607-753-2489 Motor Pool Service Group
$ Katherine Graham Lecturer IV 607-753-5954 Economics Department Old Main Room 137-B
$ Marjorie Graham Lecturer 607-753-5423 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department
$ Regina B. Grantham Associate Professor 607-758-5037 Communication Disorders and Sciences Department Professional Studies Building Room 2201-A
$ Selby Gration Director of Libraries Emeritus
$ Eileen Gravani Associate Dean, School of Professional Studies 607-753-2702 School of Professional Studies Room 1175
$ Michael Gray Graduate Assistant Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$ Ronald Gray Supervising Janitor 607-753-2904 Custodial Services Clark Hall Custodial Office
$ AE Greeley Lecturer 607-753-4256 Health Department Professional Studies Building 1168
$ Joyce Green Lecturer II 607-753-2718 Biological Sciences Department Bowers Hall Room 135
$ Geoffrey Greene Graduate Assistant
$ Teresa Greene Research Foundation
$ Charles Greenman Bus Driver 607-753-2129 Transportation Services Service Group
$ Eric Greenwood Graduate Assistant Sport Management Department
$ Christine Gregory Lecturer History Department
$ Michael Gregory Motor Vehicle Operator Mail Services/Central Warehouse
$ Carol Gridley Secretary 1 607-753-5579 Advisement and Transition Memorial Library Room A-111
$ James Griffin Lecturer Health Department
$ Maryalice Griffin Secretary 1 607-753-4201 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room B-117
$ Ingrid Griswold Library Clerk 3 607-753-5667 Library Memorial Library Bibliographic Services
$ Mark Griswold Janitor Custodial Services
$ Nolan Griswold Art Director, Neovox NeoVox
$ Casey Gross Administrative Assistant Research Foundation Cornish Hall Room 1312
$ Mary Guido Janitor 4959 Custodial Services Park Center Custodial
$ Lacy Gunn Athletic Trainer 607-753-4787 Kinesiology Department Park Center 2306
$ John Gustafson Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences
$ Katherine Gustafson Keyboard Specialist 2 607-753-5565 Institutional Research and Analysis Office Miller Building Room 404
$ Alma Gutchess Academic Tutor Emerita, Academic Support and Achievement Program
$ Sanford Gutman Professor Emeritus of History
$ Cynthia Guy Community Innovation Coordinator Research Foundation Main Street SUNY Cortland
$ Daphne Guy Supervising Janitor 753-2133 Custodial Services DeGroat Hall