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Kassim Kone

Kassim Kone

I am a specialist in Mande culture, history and languages. My research focuses on Mande languages, African history, folklore, religion, ethnomusicology, art, ethnomedicine, and global public health.


Education:       Doctor of Philosophy, May 1996, Department of Anthropology,Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.

                        Master of Arts, February 1997, Department of Anthropology, Brandeis

                        University, Waltham, MA.

                        Master of Arts, December 1995, Department of Anthropology, Indiana

                        University, Bloomington, IN.

                        Master of Arts, May 1991, Department of Linguistics, Indiana University,

                        Bloomington, IN.

                        Master of Arts, June 1986, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Bamako, République du Mali.


Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Language Study, Language in Society and Culture, Development Anthropology, Peoples of Africa, Anthropological Methods, Anthropological Theory.


Publications:   Books

2022    Global Public Health and Culture, (With Ben Wodi)Kendall Hunt Publishing Co.

2010     Bamanankan Daɲεgafe. (Monolingual Bamana Dictionary) 2nd Edition. West-Newbury: Mother Tongue Editions/An Lamͻkan Gafe.

2006    Muslims in the United States (With I. Ba-Yunus). Greenwood Press.

1995    One thousand, one hundred and seventy-seven Bamana-Maninka Proverbs (Bamana-Maninka-English). West-Newbury: Mother Tongue Editions.


Articles (Peer reviewed) and Book Chapters:

“The Sunjata Fasa and the Mali Epic Tradition” in The Epic World Pamela Jo Lothspeich. Ed. 2024. Routledge.

“Beauty and Ugliness in African Art and Culture: The Case of the Mande Kɔmɔ,” in The Language of beauty in African Art. Constantine Petridis. Ed. 2022. The Art Institute of Chicago/Yale University Press.

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