Internships and Study Abroad Opportunities

The Internship Program

Students who major or minor in sociology, criminology, anthropology or archaeology are eligible to participate in the Internship Program. Students who are juniors or seniors may enroll for one to 16 credit hours of field work at selected agencies, many of which are in the Cortland area. For each eight hours per week for a semester served at an agency, the student receives three academic credit hours. All internships are supervised by both a professional at the agency and by the internship coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth Bittel, from the Sociology/Anthropology Department.

The program offers a number of different agencies from which the student may choose, including police, probation, child services, welfare, old age, and law agencies. Students who have participated in the program have found job placements easier to secure.

Fall 2023 internship applications and a list of participating agencies will be circulated to all sociology, anthropology, and criminology majors on April 13, 2023.

Applications are due Friday, April 21, 2023.  Notifications of internship placements will be circulated the following week.

For information concerning internships: email Cathy Butler ( or the Faculty Internship Coordinator, Elizabeth Bittel  ( Moffett Center, Room 113C, 607-753-2561 


Study Abroad Opportunities

The Sociology-Anthropology Department offers sociology majors with a concentration in criminology the opportunity to apply for study at the School for Criminology and Criminal Justice in Brisbane, Australia. The exchange takes place during the spring semester and students must have at least sophomore standing during the semester they will go abroad. Contact the Sociology/Anthropology Department office for details and application information.

There are other opportunities to study abroad open to all sociology and anthropology majors. Information about SUNY Cortland’s study abroad programs can be obtained from the International Programs Office.