Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Remote Advising Resources for Faculty

Engaging students with advising remotely!

Engaging your advisees is now more important than ever! Reach out, check in to see how they are doing and help them prepare for the upcoming semester.
There are many different ways to connect with them. Determine what form of communication you are most comfortable with and in what way they might want to be communicated with.
Advising can help fulfill our desire for social connectivity amidst the necessity for personal distancing. We want to make sure our students feel supported by our community.

Available resources

Even though you might not have a student’s physical academic folder, you have access to all the resources you need to effectively advise and assist students:

Degree Works

  • Degree Audit Worksheet
  • Degree Works Notes – helpful in documenting the meeting
  • Academic History
  • What if
  • Look Ahead


Advisor Resources channel (highlights)

  • Advisee Contact List
  • Schedule Builder
  • Academic Transcript
  • GPA Wizard/Calculator
  • Cortland Advisor Resource Packet (CARP)


  • Use the Scheduling Wizard option for academic advising appointments. This video will describe this in detail.
  • Make sure in your profile (appointment preferences) you have added different meeting options (ie; phone, online, office or elsewhere, etc.).
  • When reaching out to your advisees to sign up for an appointment, you are welcome to use the following language: "Hello Advisees, I am using Starfish to schedule academic advising appointments. Login to myRedDragon and select the Starfish Tab. My Success Network is the first thing you will see. Review the people listed under "Your Connections". I will be listed as your Academic Advisor. Select my name and you will then see my profile page. Select the blue "Schedule Appointment" link under my name. The system will walk you through the process (PDF)."

Advisement and Transition

Meeting with Students

There are many different ways to meet with student remotely. Consider the following options and what works best for you and the student. Keep in mind any of these types of “meeting” can be scheduled using Starfish:

  • Utilize Microsoft Teams. Within Teams you can:
    • Video chat where you can also share your screen and review academic information together
    • Real time online “chat”, similar to texting
  • Utilize other video/online platforms that you are comfortable with (i.e. WebEx, Skype, etc.). Learn more about these resources.
  • Phone – make sure to have student update their cell phone number in their Starfish profile and clarify who make the call.
  • Email

Check in with your advisees to see how they are doing. Make sure to discuss how their courses are going this semester. Have they adjusted to online learning? Are they able to access the resources they need to be successful? Discuss the impact any academic decision may have on their degree progress.

Document your conversation by utilizing notes in Degree Works, Starfish or by sending a meeting summary via email and provide your advisee with their registration PIN.

Registration dates

Web registration will remain open through drop/add.

Winter session

Visit cortland.edu/winter for up-to-date information on Winter Session. Discuss whether taking a winter session will assist a student in continuing to make timely degree progress. Please contact us via e-mail at elo@cortland.edu or call 607-753-5643 to leave a message.  Connect with us on social media (Instagram @sunycortlandelo and Facebook @SUNYCortlandSummerWinter)!

Permission to Transfer Credit

The Permission to Transfer Credit form is available online! Talk with your advisees who might be considering taking course work at another institution and transferring the credit back to SUNY Cortland.

Access great resources on the tools that can assist you with remote advising on the Keep Teaching website

Reach out if you have questions! We are all here to help you!

advisement@cortland.edu         Advising questions

transfercredit@cortland.edu      Transfer credit questions

starfish@cortland.edu               Starfish questions

srrs@cortland.edu                     Registration and records questions

elo@cortland.edu                     Summer/Winter session questions