Starfish for Faculty


Starfish is a communication tool that offers students early and ongoing feedback surrounding academic progress. Starfish connects our current student outreach efforts with the goal of making our support around student success efforts a smooth, efficient and easy process for all.

JUST IN TIME RESOURCE: Set up Office Hours or Academic Advising Appointments in Starfish! Additional information below. 

User Statement and Expectations and FERPA and Policy Definitions: All records and information placed in Starfish are part of the student's academic record. Students will be able to read any information put in their online folder.

Starfish Learning Opportunities: Sessions offered to assist you in learning the Starfish platform.

To get you started, review and update your Institutional Profile. While you are setting up your profile, you might want to go ahead and set your email notifications and office hours. Watch the Starfish Introduction and Institutional Profile video tutorial. Additional tutorials available soon.

Select View Student Photo Directions for a step by step resource to view or print a class roster that also shows students pictures. Please note, the photo class list in Banner is available to see your students. New students will be uploaded two weeks into the semester. 

Watch the Starfish video for Scheduling Office Hours and Appointments. It is best to use Office Hours strictly for your semester office hours and the Scheduling Wizard option for Academic Advising Appointments. The video will describe this in detail. If you need to edit or cancel one of your blocks of time, go to the day and block of time and hover your mouse over the clock icon. The edit or cancel options will appear. If students made an appointment in that particular block of time and you cancel, they will automatically receive a notice from Starfish to reschedule. 

Select Notification Descriptions for a detailed list about each alert and who receives, views, and manages the information. As you will see, any action you take in the system is always explained to you so you know exactly what you are doing and who will be able to view feedback. This aspect is important as any information you submit through Starfish is visible to the student and becomes part of the student's academic record. 

If you add additional comments to a flag alert, the comments will be embedded in the email.

Flag Alert Definitions:

  • Attendance Concern - raise this when a student is not attending class regularly (email notification to student).
  • Critical Attendance Concern - use this alert when there is a critical attendance issue (email notification to student and associate dean, with additional outreach from a support office).
  • Never Attended - use this alert to indicate that a student has never attended your class (email notification to student and associate dean, with additional outreach from a support office).
  • Academic Concern - raise this when a student is not meeting course expectations/performance. Room for improvement (email notification to student). 
  • Critical Academic Concern - raise this when there is an urgent academic concern (outreach from support office).
  • At Risk for Failing - raise when student is at risk for failing course (email to student and associate dean, outreach from support office).

Campus personnel with permission to see all of these student flag alerts include the: academic advisor, advisement and transition, associate dean and the instructor that raised the original flag. In all cases the student will receive an email notifying them of the particular flag alert about their academic performance except the General Concern alert. 

  • General Concern - use this private alert to express any concern you have about a student but are not sure how to proceed (student will NOT see items within this flag alert - this information is shared with staff in Advisement and Transition only for appropriate student outreach). If you are concerned about the nature of the information,it is best to make a private phone call Advisement and Transition at 607-753-4726.

Kudos Definition:

  • Keep Up the Good Work - raise this kudo for students who are performing well.
  • Outstanding Academic Performance - use when a student has demonstrated outstanding academic work.
  • Showing Improvement - use when a student has shown improvement.

Student Raised Flag Alerts:

  • I Need Help In A Course - students can ask for help in a specific course and as the instructor you will be notified.
  • I Need Help - students can ask for general help and the request will be reviewed and referred to the appropriate support office. 
  • I Need General Academic Help - students can ask for assistance from The Learning Center.
  • I Need Help With My Writing - students can ask for assistance from the Writing Center.

There are several options to work with your students within the "Students" tab in Starfish. Watch this brief video for an overview of Starfish on how to look up your students, find contact information, how to submit a flag alert or kudos, how to take attendance, and print a class roster.  You can also submit information for a Progress Survey from the "Students" tab. A separate video on how to respond to a Progress Survey can be found below.  
Progress Survey (Early Semester Feedback) Sept 20 to Oct 4, 2019:
The system will alert you when it is time to provide feedback to students in the form of a survey. Progress surveys offer instructors an at a glance opportunity to give feedback on your student's academic progress.
Select Responding to a Progress Survey for detailed information on how to use a progress survey. Or watch this brief video about responding to a Progress Survey!

For instructors interested in keeping track of attendance, Starfish will organize of all the details of a student's attendance, tardiness, and excused absences. You can also download the information into an Excel spreadsheet if you wish. Select Taking Attendance for detailed information on using the attendance feature in Starfish.

Office Hours/Appointments:
Starfish has the capability of allowing you to set up office hours or academic advising appointments while updating your Outlook calendar at the same time.  Select Setting Up Appointments for detailed information. If you have not done so already, you can also set your Email Notifications for Appointments and Tracking items

Starfish offers some video tutorials to assist faculty. Some of the content and screen captures are not the same as what we have on our campus, you may still find the information helpful.

Important Information:
All information in Starfish and myRedDragon is disclosable under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). All information put into the system should use student-facing and student-friendly language.

Most academic flags in the system are viewable by the student they reference, the faculty or staff member who raised them, and any individual who may be associated with the flag. Flags are meant to connect everyone with the common goal of ensuring the student's academic success.

Starfish Syllabus Statement:
You may see emails from regarding your academic performance in class as well as any recommendations to support you. To access Starfish, log into myRedDragon and click the Starfish tab to set up your profile.

Make sure you check your email daily and respond to any notifications or recommendations you receive. Starfish is helpful and easy to use as you connect with me and all the resources on our campus. 

Important Reminders::
*Starfish is not intended to respond to mental health or safety concerns. If you have a significant concern about a student’s health, safety or well-being please contact the Behavior Assessment Team (BAT).

Any information created in Starfish is student facing. Student's as well as their academic advisor and associate dean will be able to read all the information you submit. 

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