Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
Kathleen Abbatoy Kathleen Abbatoy Office Assistant 2 607-753-2104 Custodial Services Commissary/Receiving Central Receiving
Robin Abbott Robin Abbott Secretary 1 607-753-2311 Networking and Telecommunications Services Old Main Room B-05
Alexis Abdo Alexis Abdo SIMS Lab Facilities Technician 607-753-4955 Physical Education Department Park Center SIMS Lab
Ruqayyah Aliyah Abdullah Ruqayyah Aliyah Abdullah Residence Hall Director 607-753-4157 Residence Life and Housing Office Bishop Hall
Alexis Abramo Alexis Abramo Grant Project Manager 607-753-5431 School of Education Education Building Room 1239
Nicholas Acquaviva Nicholas Acquaviva Assistant Coach, Men's Lacrosse Athletics Department
Anne Adams Anne Adams Lecturer Africana Studies Department Old Main 214F
Jesse Adams Jesse Adams Sport Facilities Manager 607-753-4229 Stadium Complex Chugger Davis Admin Building
Douglas M. Adsit Douglas M. Adsit Cleaner 607-753-2103 Custodial Services Van Hoesen Hall
Stephanie E Albano Stephanie E Albano Adjunct Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
Doris L. Albro Doris L. Albro Senior Computer Operator 607-753-2493 Administrative Computing Services Winchell Hall Room 106-D
Robert Albro Robert Albro Janitor 607-753-2100 Custodial Services Service Group Room 3
Imarjaye Albury Imarjaye Albury Assistant Coach, Football Athletics Department
John Aldrich John Aldrich Supervising Electrician 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
Abolghassem Alemzadeh Abolghassem Alemzadeh Professor 607-753-2962 Mathematics Department Moffett Center Room 121-A
Stacy Alexander Stacy Alexander Pedestrian Safety Aide 607-753-2044 University Police Department Whitaker Hall
Lydia M Allen Lydia M Allen Assistant Coach, Swimming and Diving Athletics Department
Muteb Alqahtani Muteb Alqahtani Assistant Professor 607-753-5527 Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department Education Building 1249
Patricia Alter Patricia Alter Secretary 1 607-753-2705 Literacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1303
Karla Alwes Karla Alwes Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2085 English Department Old Main Room 115-A
Paul Amakihe Paul Amakihe Assistant Coach, Football Athletics Department
Alfred A Amante Alfred A Amante Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
Christopher Amedeo Christopher Amedeo Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2120 Heating Plant Heating Plant
Kimberly Amidon Kimberly Amidon Lecturer Modern Languages Department
Peter C Amos Peter C Amos Lecturer Mathematics Department
Michael Amsden Michael Amsden Motor Vehicle Operator 607-753-2100 Mail Services/Central Warehouse Park Center
Andrew Anderson Andrew Anderson Lecturer I 607-753-4853 English Department Old Main Room 113-F
Dana Anderson Dana Anderson Graduate Assistant Athletics Department
Hugh Anderson Hugh Anderson Senior Study Abroad Advisor 607-753-2209 International Programs Office Old Main Room 219
Kimberly Anderson Kimberly Anderson Teacher 607-753-5955 Child Care Center Education Building Room 1000
Lynn Anderson Lynn Anderson Distinguished Service Professor 607-753-4942 Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department Professional Studies Building Room 2223
Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Professor 607-753-5547 Geography Department Old Main Room 221-E
Wendy Anderson Wendy Anderson Alumni House Cleaner 607-753-2516 Alumni Engagement Brockway Hall Room 208
Keith C Andrews Keith C Andrews Graduate Assistant Sport Management Department
Nicole E Anjeski Nicole E Anjeski Lecturer Health Department
Samantha Applin Samantha Applin Assistant Professor 607-753-2726 Sociology/Anthropology Department Moffett Center Room 2120
Sila J. Argyle Sila J. Argyle Supervising Janitor 607-753-4959 Custodial Services Park Center Room 1215
Dale Argyle Dale Argyle General Mechanic 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group Room 3
Laura Arias Laura Arias 607-753-4706 Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Svc Prog. Van Hoesen Hall Room B-105
Douglas Armstead Douglas Armstead Assistant Professor 607-753-2919 Physics Department Bowers Hall Room 127
Shaunna Arnold-Plank Shaunna Arnold-Plank Interim General Manager, Parks Alumni House Alumni Engagement
Paul A Arras Paul A Arras Lecturer Communication Studies Department
Jessica Ashlaw Jessica Ashlaw 607-753-4717 Financial Aid Office Miller Building Room 205
Nathaniel Ashton Nathaniel Ashton Adjunct Lecturer Kinesiology Department Professional Studies Building 1165
Breck Aspinwall Breck Aspinwall Lecturer Biological Sciences Department
Gary C Astles Gary C Astles Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
Seth   N. Asumah Seth N. Asumah Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2064 Africana Studies Department Old Main Room 208-B
Virginia Sue Atkinson Virginia Sue Atkinson Adjunct Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
Christopher Austen Christopher Austen University Police Officer 2 607-753-4128 University Police Department Whitaker Hall Room 110
Tina Aversano Tina Aversano Manager of Scholarships and Donor Relations 607-753-2446 Development Office Brockway Hall Room 304-B
Casey Avery Casey Avery Purchasing Staff Assistant 607-753-2307 Miller Building Purchasing
Samuel Avery Samuel Avery Assistant Professor 607-753-4099 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall Room B-125F
Steven Axtell Steven Axtell Head Coach, Men's Soccer 607-753-4958 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2101
Heidi Axtell Heidi Axtell Head Coach, Women's Soccer 607-753-5715 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2119
Christopher Azzano Christopher Azzano Athletics Department