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Faculty/Staff A-Z Listing

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Photo Name Title Phone Department/Office Campus Location
$ Kathleen Abbatoy Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-2101 Physical Plant Service Group
$ Robin Abbott Secretary 1 607-753-2311 Networking and Telecommunications Services Old Main B05
$ Alexis Abramo Grants Project Manager Research Foundation Cornish Hall Room 1236
$ Anne Adams Lecturer Africana Studies Department
$ Jesse Adams Sport Facilities Manager 607-753-4229 Stadium Complex Chugger Davis Admin Building
$ Douglas Adsit Cleaner 607-753-2103 Custodial Services Van Hoesen Hall
$ Tunde Agboke Assistant Coach, Football 607-753-5710 Athletics Department Park Center Room 1112
$ William Ahern Residence Hall Director 607-753-4154 Residence Life and Housing Office Randall Hall
$ Doris Albro Senior Computer Operator 607-753-2493 Administrative Computing Services Winchell Hall Room 106-D
$ Robert Albro Janitor 607-753-2100 Custodial Services Service Group
$ Heidi Aldrich Cleaner 4959 Custodial Services Park Center
$ John Aldrich Electrician 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
$ Abolghassem Alemzadeh Professor 607-753-2962 Mathematics Department Moffett Center Room 121-A
$ Karl Alexander Lecturer History Department Old Main Room B-18A
$ Stacy Alexander Pedestrian Safety Aide 607-753-2044 University Police Department Van Hoesen Hall Room C-17
$ Tara Allen FPW - Pizza Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Brockway Hall Hilltop
$ Eberhard Alsen Professor Emeritus of English
$ John Alt Associate Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology
$ Patricia Alter Secretary 1 607-753-2705 Literacy Department Cornish Hall Room 1303
$ Karla Alwes Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2085 English Department Old Main Room 115-A
$ Alfred Amante Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$ James Amato Cook Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig Dining
$ Christopher Amedeo Plant Utilities Engineer 1 607-753-2120 Heating Plant Heating Plant
$ Peter Amos Lecturer Mathematics Department
$ Michael Amsden Carpenter 607-753-2100 Mail Services/Central Warehouse Park Center
$ Andrew Anderson Lecturer I 607-753-4853 English Department Room 114-A
$ Dale Anderson Lecturer Emeritus of Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies
$ Donna Anderson Professor Emerita of Music
$ Hugh Anderson Study Abroad Advisor 607-753-2209 International Programs Office Old Main Room 219
$ Kimberly Anderson Teacher Research Foundation Education Building Room 1000
$ Lynn Anderson Distinguished Service Professor 607-753-4942 Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department Room 2219
$ Margaret Anderson Professor Emerita of Psychology
$ Scott Anderson Associate Professor 607-753-5547 Geography Department Old Main Room 221-E
$ Walter Anderson General Mechanic 607-753-2509 Mail Services/Central Warehouse Commissary Receiving
$ Courtney Andros Residence Hall Director 607-753-4155 Residence Life and Housing Office Hayes Hall
$ Nicole Anjeski Lecturer Health Department
$ Dale Argyle General Mechanic 607-753-2100 Maintenance Service Group
$ Sila Argyle Supervising Janitor 607-753-4959 Custodial Services Park Center Room 1215
$ Douglas Armstead Assistant Professor 607-753-2919 Physics Department Bowers Hall 127
$ Ronald Ashcroft Lecturer Emeritus of English
$ Jared Ashendorf Dining Room Attendant Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) Neubig Hall Neubig Dining
$ Jessica Ashlaw Keyboard Specialist 1 607-753-4717 Financial Aid Office Miller Building Room 205
$ Gary Astles Lecturer Foundations and Social Advocacy Department
$ Seth Asumah Distinguished Teaching Professor 607-753-2064 Africana Studies Department Old Main Room 208-B
$ George Atcheson Associate Professor Emeritus of Art
$ Bruce Atkins Professor and Chair Emeritus of English
$ Martha Atkins Director of Sponsored Programs Emerita
$ Nancy Aumann Associate Provost of Academic Affairs Emerita
$ Christopher Austen University Police Officer 1 607-753-2112 University Police Department Van Hoesen Hall Room C-17
$ Tina Aversano Manager of Scholarships and Donor Relations 607-753-2446 Development Office Brockway Hall Room 304-B
$ Gradin Avery Associate Vice President, Communications 607-753-5477 Division of Institutional Advancement Brockway Hall Room 315
$ Samuel Avery Assistant Professor 607-753-4099 Communication Studies Department Van Hoesen Hall B-125F
$ Steven Axtell Head Coach, Men's Soccer 607-753-4958 Athletics Department Park Center Room 2101
$ Edith Ayer Lecturer Communication Disorders and Sciences Department