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Katherine Ahern

Katherine Ahern

Kati Ahern is an Assistant Professor of English in the Professional Writing and Rhetoric Program at SUNY Cortland. Her research focuses on the intersection between sound studies, sonic rhetoric, and writing theory. She is currently exploring how research in "rhetorical soundscape studies" can enter into conversation with other academic areas involving materiality, sensory rhetorics, video game studies, and learning spaces design. Her dissertation The Sounds of Rhetoric, The Rhetoric of Sound: Listening to and Composing the Auditory in Writing won the dissertation award from the North Carolina State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences in June 2012. Her most recent research project examines soundscape design through its connection to concepts from ancient rhetoric.
Prior to coming to SUNY Cortland, Ahern taught at Long Island University, Post Campus where she won the Newton Award for Teaching Excellence in spring 2018.


Ph.D., Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, North Carolina State University, 2012
M.F.A., Creative Writing Fiction, George Mason University, 2007
B.A., Creative Writing and Social and Decision Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004


Business Writing
Technical Writing
Sound and Writing
Intro and Advanced Fiction Writing
Theories of Writing
Writing in the Digital Age
New Media Literacies
Reading and Writing Comics
Video Game Narratives
Ancient Rhetoric


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Book Chapters

Ahern, Kati Fargo. “Soundscapes: Rhetorical Entwinements for Composing Sound in Four Dimensions” [Book Chapter for Amplifying Soundwriting, accepted and in review]


Ahern, Kati Fargo. “Listening to Memorial Soundscapes.” Rhetoric Society for America’s Conference Proceedings for Rhetorics of Change.


At Long Island University, Post Campus Kati Ahern served as the director of First Year Writing, chair of the Campus Committee on Student Writing, chair of the Facilities Committee, co-chair of the Faculty Technology Resources Advisory Committee, and a charter member of the newly initiated Phi Kappa Phi chapter in spring 2018.